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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Odds n' Ends

A great new article by my friend Bambi Weavil at http://www.outimpact.com/features/health-spirituality-wellness/yrg-life-terms-3457

Would love for you to drop by and add a comment after you read the article!

On January 23rd I’ll be in St. Charles, Illinois, for a rare event - Lunch and Storytime with DDP. Check www.DiamondDallasPage.com and go to the event section for all the details or just click here www.klingerpromotions.com . Later that night I'll be a reff in the main event some where in Illinois and then siging autographs... for more info goto www.chicagolandpro.org

From there I’m heading to Boston to see my good buddy Gene Lavanchy. He hosts “Boston’s Morning Show” on Fox 25 the top morning show in the Boston area. 
http://www.myfoxboston.com/subindex/morning I should be on that show on January 25th. He’s an old buddy of mine from Fort Myers, who interviewed me back when I was managing night clubs back in the day...those days the mid to late 80tys. I was running the Hottest Nite Club from Sarasota to Cuba at the time called Norma Jeans Dance Club... As you can imagine Gene and I shared a cocktail or two together... it just goes to show you how much real relationships mean. I always say, it’s not about who you know or who knows you, Life is about who’s willing to say they know you. And Gene is really doing that big time by helping me and my publicist, Carole Imperiale get on other shows in the Boston area. I’m especially looking forward to this trip as I’ll not only get to see Gene but I also get to spend some quality time with my cousin Joel and his beautiful daughter Nicole.

Then, I’m off to Philly, where I’m going to do Ukee Washington’s show on CBS3 Philadelphia... Pat & Ukee "Talk Philly" on CBS3 - Philadelphia which comes on at noon... Ukee’s another buddy of mine from Ft. Meyers believe it or not. Another great buddy from my past who’s helping me get on other shows in Philly as well. Remember guys, the relationships you establish in life can make all the difference!

Then back to LA, to do Wrestle Reunion 4 in Los Angeles...check it out at

As you can see, we’re trying to get the word out for YRG Fitness System big time. If you have any publicity leads for television, radio, print, or the Web -- definitely let me know!
From time to time, I will continue to post updates on what I am doing on my DDP site but if you want to stay in direct touch with my day to day activities, you might want to be my friend on www.facebook.com. I constantly update facebook, answer questions and put up pictures and videos as I move along. If for some reason I haven’t accepted you on facebook, it is because you need to send me a message to be my friend…This gets rid of the spammers and shows
that you really want to communicate with me.

If you are looking to stay in touch with me moment to moment (HA!), join me at www.twitter.com/theRealDDP . On thereal DDP at Twitter you will get updates on what I am doing as well as inspirational messages. As my schedule gets busier, you will get more tweets. And of course you can always find me on myspace.com/dallas_page as well.
All that being said tomorrow January 14th is going to be a pretty big day for DDP and YRG... The 14th is the premier of "Carnie Wilson Unstapled" on GSN, you can catch me on TMZ and we're testing the YRG infomercial all in the same week... Wow... all I have to say after all that is Thank you God!
As always it's been your Pleasure... As well as mine:)
This YEAR is YOUR Year to Own IT!

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