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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

DDP and ANG on Carnie Wilson's UNSTAPPABLE this Thursday on GSN!

Angella Colwill be making her debut with me on this weeks episode of "Carnie Wilson UNSTAPPBLED" at 8pm on GSN... Now if you miss it don't sweat it because they play it a couple of times a day till the next episode airs... Which is pretty cool because you really do reach a HUGE audience that way... I got to tell you I'm really Proud of Angie's roll on UNSTAPPBLED... Ang's is Carnie food consultant and is on about 4 or 5 of the shows and is really coming into her own... She went from a girl that literally couldn't boil water 5 years ago to an AmaZing Gluten Free (GF) Chef and baker today... If you tasted Ang's GF Cupcakes or Brownies... Or her GF Sweat Potato or her Apple Pie it would blow your mind... I will NEVER be able to eat those wheat sweets again... Ang's has worked her ass off on her body and her mind and finally all the hard work is starting to pay off... Once you start putting Ang's healthy foods in your body... Your body starts to crave the good food instead of the sh*t... Ha! You know I always say what I think... Now I'm not trying to get you to change over to GF I'm just keeping you in the loop... Now if you wanna try an experiment... Stop eating wheat for 2  to 4 weeks and see how your body feels... It's still a little craZZZy to me how Great my body feels after all the F'd up sh*t I've put my body through... If you want to know more about how Ang's Fitness Food Consulting go to www.angellacole.com

Here's footage from my first appearance on "Carnie Wilson's UNSTAPPLED"

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