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Sunday, July 1, 2007


Hey Cutters...
I know it's been a couple months since my last email so this one may be a little long but after the beginning it's mostly updates.
I have to start with what everyone is talking about... Chris Benoit. Like all of you, when I first heard the news about Chris , I was shocked, more than shocked I thought there must be some other explanation. I had just run into Chris in the Atlanta airport about a month ago. When we saw each other we both dropped our bags and hugged each other. It was old friends just bumping into each other as they ran through life. I was laying over in Atlanta on my way to Jersey for WrestleReunion and I believe he was heading overseas for a tour which were always long and hard on your body and your mind. He looked tired, very tired but that's a part of the business asI know only to well. Being the warrior that Chris was... he was on his way to do what he loved most... Wrestle... The Chris Benoit that I knew has always been a man of character. He was the most respected man in and out of the locker room, bar none. Chris had the strongest work ethic I've ever seen. He was polite to everyone and I never saw him lose his temper... not even once. He was man that lead by example and he was a mentor to many. Which is what makes this whole situation so bizarre.
Over the last week I have been asked to do many TV programs to give my opinion about what happened... but I have chosen not to because I wasn't there. I also did not want to feed the crazy frenzy that has taken over our media in the last few years. When was the last time you saw something positive come out of the media? Do you ever hear about anyone who has done anything that's good anymore? We are constantly bombarded with the negative... and I refuse to feed that animal. On the other hand, I thought Chris Jericho did a phenomenal job speaking on behalf of Chris while at the same time he explained that nobody understood how this tragedy was possible. I thought Chris Jericho was very articulate and was the best representation we could have had from a pro-wrestler who was also a very close friend for of Chris Benoit.
The story, as we all know, is centered around steroids and roid rage. It's my personal belief that if steroids are part of this story, and I'm sure they are in some way, it is only a small part. There so are many things that could contribute to what happened over that weekend and it is simple to blame a drug and not the circumstance. In my opinion there had to be some sort of mental illness that stepped into Chris's life to be able to commit such a horrible act. He loved Nancy and his son. I can't believe Chris went home that day to kill them. There must have been some sort of domestic dispute that escalated and got out of control and before Chris knew it Nancy was dead. It is so tragic on so many levels. My deepest sympathy goes out to Nancy and Chris's families.
I also want to send out my deepest sympathies to the family of Sherri Martel's as well. I met Sherri in the late 80s when I was working in the AWA. She'd come by the night club I was running called Norma Jean's Dance Club in Ft. Myer, Florida. She was on her way from Miami to Tampa for her next WWF shot. She didn't even know I ran the club but she knew who I was and, of course, I knew who she was... when we met we immediately became fast friends. Sherri had a phenomenal career in our business. One of my favorite gimmicks that she had, I'm sure not many people even new it was her was Peggy Sue, the valet for the Honky Tonk Man. I always loved that gimmick, I guess it was because I always found the Honky Tonk Man very entertaining and they were a great pair. Sherri was great manager and knew how to get her heat... but she was also a great worker as well... trained by the Great Moolah. Sherri Martel paid her dues in this crazy business of ours and she had an unbelievable run. No matter what character she was playing, babyface or heel, she played it with passion. She was a good friend and she will be missed.

On a more positive note, I went to WrestleReunion a few weeks back in New Jersey. Kurt Angle was the headliner. Also there were Mil Mascaras, myself, Kimberly, Madusa, Ahmed Johnson, just to name a few.
One of the really cool things that happened on that trip was that Arthur Boorman, a member of Team YRG who's lost 75 pounds in 4 months came to see me as well. Arthur has totally reconstructed his body and his mind (to see his story goto http://www.yrgworkout.com/Arthur.html to watch and read his journey). He drove up to see me from Maryland to go to WrestleReunion and to get in some YRG with DDP. Another member of Team YRG, Scott Perry, came in from New York and a young kid named Dylan Frymyer came in from Pennsylvania. I mention this because Dylan's mom, Barb, bought him the Own Your Life YRG package from www.YRGworkout.com site.
Now you need to know that anyone who buys the YRG dvd's gets an email directly from me. Barb got one and sent me a return email asking me if I could give her 5' 7'', 292 lb son some inspiration to help him lose his weight. Barb's emails were very heartfelt so I continued to email back and forth. Eventually I asked for her number and I gave them a call. I talked to Barb and Dylan's to see just how serious his want and desire was to change his direction. Like I said they bought the entire package so now Dylan had the tools for Owning his Life, but would he really follow through and do the work needed to over come being over 100 lbs over weight at just 16? Dylan and I talked about the discipline it would take to really own his life. During those phone calls, Dylan told me that he was most inspired by Arthur's story that he read on the YRGWorkout.com. When I told him that Arthur was going to at WrestleReunion, which Dylan was going to as well, he was as excited to meet Arthur as he was to meet me. He was also going to get to do the YRG workout with all three of us.

We all know that children's obesity is a health crisis in our country. I believe that you just may see Dylan step up and be a leader in helping many young teenagers take control of their lives. I've been in contact with him over the last 3 week and on July 5th, he'll be in for his 30 day weigh-in. Like many members of Team YRG who want to lose a drastic amount of weight, I have a hands-on approach as long, as they are willing to put the work in. With this type of situation I just don't teach you about the YRG workout. I also teach you how to eat a healthy lifestyle and how to train you brain to accomplish your goals using S.M.A.C.K.D.O.W.N. We all know life is filled with adversities and we really can't control most things that happen around us, but what WE CAN CONTROL is the way we think... how we adapt to the adversities... WE CAN CONTROL what we put in our mouths... how we eat and WE CAN CONTROL how we breathe... but to CONTROL all of these things within ourselves we MUST train ourselves and it is an on going process... the really cool thing is... ANYONE CAN DO THIS... once you have made... and OWN the DECISION to Just Do it... I know Dylan is very excited about his July 5th weigh-in and I will tell you in the next email just how he did.

While I was up in NJ, I also went in to NYC and stopped by to see Dee Snider, lead singer of Twisted Sister and who nows has his own Sirius Satellite radio show on the Fangoria Radio channel. Dee and Debbie are such great hosts. My ten minute segment on Sirus went closer to thirty minutes. Dee put over the YRG workout big time and even interviewed Arthur. It was classic. Again, pictures are on the site... I want to thank Steve Yu for coming up and getting some great pictures and some great video of us all working out together.
What's NEW on www.DiamondDallasPage.com
ENTOURAGE ... Remember when I told you I was filming a spot for Entourage with Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Superfly Jimmy Snuka, and Nikolai Volkoff... well I finally found it... this is that piece... it's pretty funny and I think worth the watch... it's on the front page of www.DiamondDallasPage.com ... This piece played on Comcast in the extra's area for Entourage.
LIVING LIVE ... I recently appeared on Living Live with Florence "Mrs. Brady" Henderson and Meshach Taylor to talk about changing lives with YRG... again... if you want to watch it... it's on the front page of www.DiamondDallasPage.com

Keep an eye out for an article in ESPN Magazine that should be coming out this summer about YRG, DDP and the Yoga Doc training the Georgia Tech football and basketball teams. Football players and basketball players aren't the only athletes doing YRG. Jeff Farley, who was fifth in the world last year for hitting the long ball in golf, got together with me so I could help train him in YRG. I went down to the golf course and got some great shots. Jeff was blasting them off the tee. His goal this year is to be number one in the world.
Went into wine country a few weeks back for an anniversary getaway with Angella to Cambria. This I a beautiful seashore town in central California. While there, we went to Castoro's Cellars for some wine tasting. If you're on the central coast of California, you should check it out because their wines are extraordinary and very reasonably priced. http://www.castorocellars.com
Saw the TNA's last Pay Per View, Slammiversay. It was by far their best PPV show to date. Samoa Joe had the move of the night by hitting my boy Christian Cage with a Diamond Cutter off the top of the ladder. Now that's one I never even did. Great job, Joe and Christian.

And if you missed Angie's BBQ Birthday Bash check out some of the shots. We had a lot of our friends coming by to have some of the best BBQ on the planet cooked by Craig on a perfect Sunday.
Plus I want to remind you tha I am back at Equinox on Second Avenue and Santa Monica in Santa Monica, Ca. every Monday for a YRG class that starts at 7:15 pm... if you want to come I would love to see you, just tell them at the desk that you are there to do YRG with DDP and they will let you in for Free... I don't know how long that will last but it's cool for now so come on down. A 7:15 pm class is a much better time so we are expecting this class to take off in the next few months so try to get there a little early... Hope to see you there... to learn more go to... they are still letting you in for free but that's going to change to $10 soon so get in while it's free... for more information click here.
I will also be starting up on Stickam.com on every Tuesday night starting July 17th at 9 pm (est) if you have any questions for me in regards to the YRG workouts, Isonkenitics, the heart monitor, how to understand what you are putting in your mouth (food) or anything to do with YRG... to sign up to be able to see me live click here www.stickam.com/profile/dallaspage and register...
By the way, Jakks Pacific has released an action figure of DDP as part of the WWE Legends series. I'm really JAKKED about this action figure. I came out great. If you're interested in picking up one, you can find it at your local retailer.
As usual it has been your pleasure... As well as mine...
Get Healthy... Stay Strong... Be Unstoppable and Do your YRG or else!
D. Dallas Page