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Thursday, April 16, 2009






Hey Guys,

Before I tell you about my trip to Booker T’s event and the WWE Hall of Fame event--I gotta start off by telling you that the long awaited brand new YRG Fitness System is finally here…check it out at www.YRGFitness.com.

I have to tell you I couldn't be any happier with it and there is still more to come. This is your first chance to get the NEW YRG Fitness System. If you have been doing YRG and like it then you will love this new program. I added in a lot of great, new exercise movements and, of course, you can still make YRG your own.

You can modify the workout so you can ease into it or challenge yourself right from the start! None of the people featured in the YRG DVDs are professional fitness models; they are all people who changed their lives with YRG. Many of the people in the DVDs are on the website and in the infomercial. And yes, you will even see the one and only Arthur in the DVDs doing the most challenging YRG positions.

It's pretty amazing. With this program you really get everything you need to Own Your Life. The YRG Fitness System comes with the Diamond Dozen, 3 incredible YRG workouts, the YRG Program Guide and the Diamond Dozen Poster. Plus 2 FREE bonus DVDs--Red Hot Core and Below The Belt, FREE 24/7 access to Team YRG--YRG's online community and a FREE Heart Rate Monitor...Yes I said a FREE heart monitor, which is the same heart monitor I have used for years.

The infomercial launches this weekend in a bunch of different markets and on some cable networks as well. If you happen to catch the infomercial let me know what you think. You can also see it on the site.

Now about my trip to Texas a few weeks ago…I went to see my buddy Stone Cold get inducted into the 2009 WWE Hall of Fame and it was way worth the trip. When I showed up to the hotel where all the WWE superstars were staying, I immediately went up to Steve's room to surprise him. His lovely lady Kristen let me in and when he walked out of his bathroom he was truly surprised... Ha! I've always felt you have to support your boys. I congratulated him and told him I would hook up with him after the ceremony. Then I went to check in and find my other buddy the Yoga-doc who had gotten in the night before. I went to the Green Room to get my tickets and room (Thank You NIC... you're the best) and ran into Cowboy Bill Watts, one of the HOF inductees that night... Cowboy (who is the dad of one my closest friends, Eric Watts) came up to me with a big smile and shook my hand. While doing so he gave me some of the best complements I have ever gotten. Bill was running WcW when I tore my rotator cuff and was let go, so he saw DDP is the infancy... He also got to see the journey as it developed week to week, year to year after I returned to WcW... He said so many nice things it actually choked me up a little... Basically he let me know that he really enjoyed watching me defy the odds and that he admired my undying perseverance ... He actually said I had some of the best work ethic he's ever seen. And if you know Cowboys that's really saying something.



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Next I ran into Edge who I hadn't seen since I left the WWE back in 2002. I always really liked Edge and have really enjoyed his rise to the top of our profession. He was genuinely happy to see me, as was I to see him. After that I had sushi with my friends Jim and Chris Click... You may remember the Clicks from when I went to do my inspirational talk "Live Life at 90%" for his 15 car dealerships last year. Then I came back to get ready for the HOF. Yoga-doc and I took the buses over from the hotel to the arena. You had to see this to believe it... These were the buses for the friends and families of all the WWE. They had 7 HUGE black executive buses, 5 limo's and at least 15 cops giving us an escort to the arena to beat the traffic. Yoga-doc looked at me at one point as we were driving down the interstate and the cops were blocking off the intestate and the exits... It was really surreal... Yoga-doc starting doing the instrumental to The Empire Strikes Back... The funny part about that was it really did feel like that... Ha! We entered the building and were dropped off where all the wrestlers go in... It was a door to door operation... The WWE does not do anything small... When we got to the building all 500 of us got off the bus and headed in a stream down the halls to get to our seats on the floor of the arena... Along our path I started to see all my brothers from the Hall of Famer's to the new young talent coming up... I talked with Roddy Piper, Eric Watts and family, The Big Show who I got to take pictures with were Eric’s kids, Noah and Sydney. It was really important for Watts to have this shot since he has pictures of him with Andre the Giant. Other guys who I got to see include Ric Flair, Christian, Steve Regal, the Funks Dory and Terry, my mentor Dusty Rhoades and his young buck son Cody Rhoades... if you've listened to my inspirational audio book, Own your Life, you may have heard me talk about Cody... I was very happy we got to spend quality time together. I've know Cody since he was about 7 years old now. The buck is truly making his own way and making his own name. I'm very proud of him.

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I didn't realize how many people were there till I walked into the arena... The fans were going crazy (as only wrestling fans can). Each WWE superstar emerged from the tunnel with there families... I was actually surprised how many people started chanting DDP when I came out... I really didn't think I was that recognizable in my suit and being off tv for the last 7 years... Ha... I guess I was wrong... I didn't know it at the time but as you walked closer to the stage there was a cameraman videoing everyone for the 3 Giant Big Screens. Not really thinking about it I put my Diamond Cutter sign into the camera and gave a huge BANG and the arena exploded. Yoga Doc said, “Man that was great Pop!” I said, “What was that all about?” He said you were just up on the big screen doing the Diamond Cutter and the fans popped. I started laughing and kept walking.

Special moments for me at the HOF ceremony were listening to Terry Funk, Cowboy Bill Watts and of course Steve Austin. The funny part behind the scenes part was that Steve had all these notes of what he wanted to say and in true Stone Cold Steve fashion he didn’t even use his notes and shot from the hip as only he can. Towards the end of his speech the fans were so loud chanting “One More Match” that it was almost deafening. But he said there wouldn’t be one. Wrestling will always be a part of his life but my boy has moved on to his next field to conquer…the acting world. Steve got a great break by getting a key part in the Sylvester Stallone movie “The Expendables” that they are filming right now. Look for Steve to really shine through in this movie. After the ceremony Steve and I had a few beers together and signed some autographs as fans came by. It was amazing how considerate the fans were.

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The night before I was at Booker’s T’s Legends of Wrestling Charity Event. His autograph session was all about raising money for the community and giving back to the less fortunate kids. It was really like a WcW reunion with guys like Nash, Sting, Nasty Boys, Jake Roberts, Jimmy Hart and my ex, the Lovely Kimberly. And even the new blood from TNA Christy Hemme and Samoa Joe were there. It was great seeing all of these guys.

I got to tell you that Kevin Nash showed up with his arm bandaged up after having surgery less then 24 hours early. Just goes to show what an unbelievable warrior and friend Kevin Nash really is.

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It is times like this that the old ribbing (practical jokes) stories come out. My favorite one was when Jake reminded Nobbs about the time he had an entire pizza in the sleeves of his jacket. Jake said “Remember when Nobbs and Saggs were in the main event, their music hits and Nobbs grabbed his jacket, put it on as he was coming through the curtain headed to the ring and realized all this cheese and grease were sliding down his arms. He can’t stop to wipe it off or anything because his music was playing, the announcer was going and they had to start the match.” So Nobbs looked at Jake with a surprised pissed off look and said “I knew that was you”. Jake said, “It wasn’t me, I was just bringing it up” (said the spider to the fly). To watch these 2 go back and forth had me and everyone else pissing in our pants with laughter.

The event was a huge success and Booker and Sharmel raised over $60,000 for their charity in 1 day. Sharmel and Booker really worked their ass off on this one. The next day Booker picked me up and brought me to the hotel were everyone was staying for Wrestlemania. We got to spend some really good quality time which was great because I hadn’t talked to Booker since I left Pro Wrestling. It was an honor to be able help Booker with this charity event.

Remember to keep me posted on when you see the YRG infomercial on TV. I would love to hear your thoughts.



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