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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

DDP Tv episode 13 Wrasslin Wednesdays I finally Arm wrestler EVADVAD

This is the part of the angle where I finally arm wrestle EVAD Sullivan and as you can imagine EVAD beats me and wins the date with The Diamond Doll (Kimberly)... the people are really into our arm wrestling part and we have some GaGa at the end but interview at the very end is lame at it's very best... Ha! Not DDP's most shinning moment:)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

DDP Tv episode 12 Wrasslin Wednesdays DDP win the 13 million and 3 kick ass Videos!

This week I talk about the feud with Dave EVAD Sullivan ... about the FUN Video's we did after I Won the 13 millions dollars ... Just go with me here... Ha! I talk about how the angle ended up with me working with Johnny B Badd and lost it all plus my brand new kickass T-shirts... and of course where I'm headed this week and the weeks to come.

Eric Bischoff was classic here kicking off the DDP Rich MAN angle... all these were a lot of FUN

I love Fast Cars and what a Great attitude I had on this day... HA!

This is our Redneck Rodeo Drive... I love the ending to this video... funny funny shit!

HE'S A BADDDDDDDDDDDDDD MAN! Johnny B BADD will be my guest Thursday September 2rd or YRG Radio... if you missed it go to YRG Radio on www.DiamondDallasPage.com and check it out I guarantee YOU will be INSPIRED!!!

Don't miss DDP and Marc Mero aka Johnny B Badd on YRG Radio Thursday at 9pm est...