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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

DDP Tv episode 12 Wrasslin Wednesdays DDP win the 13 million and 3 kick ass Videos!

This week I talk about the feud with Dave EVAD Sullivan ... about the FUN Video's we did after I Won the 13 millions dollars ... Just go with me here... Ha! I talk about how the angle ended up with me working with Johnny B Badd and lost it all plus my brand new kickass T-shirts... and of course where I'm headed this week and the weeks to come.

Eric Bischoff was classic here kicking off the DDP Rich MAN angle... all these were a lot of FUN

I love Fast Cars and what a Great attitude I had on this day... HA!

This is our Redneck Rodeo Drive... I love the ending to this video... funny funny shit!

HE'S A BADDDDDDDDDDDDDD MAN! Johnny B BADD will be my guest Thursday September 2rd or YRG Radio... if you missed it go to YRG Radio on www.DiamondDallasPage.com and check it out I guarantee YOU will be INSPIRED!!!

Don't miss DDP and Marc Mero aka Johnny B Badd on YRG Radio Thursday at 9pm est...

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