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Thursday, June 11, 2009


Hey Guys
If you want to get ahold of the real Diamond Dallas Page on facebook click here for Diamond Dallas Page or YRG Fitness System fan page... I actually go on both sites and put in my own blogs and pictures... just click it and hit request friend and I'll pull you in!

Here is a quick update on some recent and new events.

I want to remind you that this Friday June 12 I will be at Howard Fine’s acting studio giving my Inspirational speech Living life at 90%. So many of you have asked me “So what does Living Life at 90% mean?” If you are in the LA area you should stop by and check it out. I have made a lot of friends out here in the land of LA so you never know who's going to show up... One thing is for sure it's going to inspirational, entertaining and FUN! I expect a lively crowd.

Two weeks ago we did YRG at the LuLuLemon store in Santa Monica. They moved all their clothing racks and opened up the store and over 60 people were there to workout with me. Normally they do it for a basic yoga class but this was a special event featuring YRG. They had to turn people away because it was packed…sorry but that was a good thing. Some of the people who are avid yogi’s that lululemon brought in really dug the workout, except for one person who left before it ended… Ha! I guess they couldn’t handle that this was not yoga... it was YRG…Like I said before, if yoga was a bicycle then YRG would be a Harley, they both have 2 wheels but that is where the similarities end. See pictures on the site.

I want to send out a shout to the Laguna Beach High School Boys Volleyball team who won the California State Championship. Laguna Beach's gutsiest effort came on the day it mattered most this season, as the Breakers fended off Francis Parker to win the CIF Southern California Regional Division III championship. Their Head Coach Lance Stewart credits the YRG Workout as a main tool to keep his players focused, flexible and strong. Here is the article


Get Healthy... Stay Strong... Be Unstoppable and Do your YRG or else!
Live Life at 90%