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Thursday, June 5, 2008


Do you feel Lucky?
Hey Guys

You're damn right I do. Why? because I not only got to see one of my hero's Clint Eastwood honored at the screening of the Original Dirty Harry but I got to meet him and even get a picture with him... and NO I didn't have the balls to ask Dirty Harry to do the Diamond Cutter with me... Ha! Obviously I am a HUGE mark for the guy... GO figure... Clint... Wayne and Ali... one name says it all... Legend... Another legend I got to meet was Jon Voight. For a kid who grew up in the 70’s to have been lucky enough to not only hang with but also talk to the Midnight Cowboy and Dirty Harry
on the same night was way to cool. After the screening they gave everybody a 44 Magnum made of chocolate. If you get a chance to pick up this series it is definitely worth the buy. Warner Brothers is releasing the Dirty Harry Franchise today on the new blu-ray HD disc. I wanna thank Tim Sullivan (Director Driftwood) and PR Queen Jennifer Gonzalez for the hook up... Way more Pictures on site.

Let’s start with some old news first. We had our first YRG Certification course last month.
The YRG Certification Course was not only was this a learning experience for my students it was a great learning experience for me as well... It was also a chance for everyone to meet some of the most recognized YRG members…Terri, Dylan and Arthur. After our first session which was about 7 hours, one of the attendees, Eric Bischoff’s son Garrett, pulled me aside and said he wanted to catch up since we haven’t seen each for years. What I didn’t realize he was doing was keeping me busy while my girl Angella was putting together a surprise party for my 52nd B-Day. It was a great party and even Stone Cold Steve Austin and Eric Bischoff showed up. Pictures on the site at www.DiamondDallasPage.com

After the final 7 hours of YRG training on Sunday we handed out the YRG Certificate Of Completion. I want to thank Kimberly for coming out from Salt Lake City, I couldn’t have done it without her…and Yoga Doc was sorely missed but was sick. Our next Certification course will take place after our National launch of YRG which should be January 2009.

Not only did our youngest YRG Certification member, 16 year old Dylan Frymyer, pass the YRG Certification course but he also surpassed the 100 pound weight loss barrier in 10 months.

At 5’7” he dropped from 292 pounds to 192 pounds and is strong as an Ox. Now he is wrestling Indy shows and can be seen with Steve Corino in the Northeast. (what is Corino’s show called). Dylan is truly living his dream with YRG. Check out Dyaln’s link to see his journey www.myspace.com/yrgdylan Each email I want to mention some of the top You Tube videos that are posted. Dylan created a great one with some of the best Diamond Cutters ever called ...
Diamond Cutter on Everyone http://youtube.com/watch?v=b3yx4-Po1iw

Yeah Dylan lost 100 pounds with YRG but
15 year old Tyler Page gained 20 pounds of muscle

and his brother 14 year old Christian Page gained 50 pounds of muscle...

YEAH I said Muscle in one year with YRG and my way of eating for Mass and Health. I have been working with both of the Page brothers to achieve their goals for a little over a year now. All 3 of these kids understand that WORK ETHIC = RESULTS and to say I am proud of them would be an understatement. Check out the Page bros site and see their journey.

Just want to remind you guys if you want to catch DDP Live then come over the Sports Park in Playa Vista on Saturday mornings at 10 am or Equinox at 7:15 pm in Santa Monica, CA on Monday nights. Or if you work for Warner Brothers you can catch me on the basketball court every Tuesday night at 6:30 doing YRG. You can always see the schedule at www.YRGWorkout.com under YRG class schedule

Got to see one of the best playoff games ever, Game 1 Lakers vs. Spurs in Los Angeles. Kobe didn’t show up in the first half and the Lakers were down by 20 in the third quarter… but he sure as hell showed up in the second half and scored 29 making the it one of the best comebacks in Lakers history. My good buddy Chris Click hooked us up 6 rows center court across from Jack Nicholson. What a game!

Coming Soon: We are developing a whole new DDP Website which will literally be 4 sites in one. Fitness Guru/YRG Workout, Inspirational Speaker, Actor and some of my past old school wrestling sites. That's right we are bringing back some of my old school wrestling websites it should be like going through DDP’s time vault from 1996 to 2003. This is when Rich in KC, Rich Schmick, wrote the first Diamond Cutter email which was him interviewing me... I let you know when it's ready...

Wrestling Question of The Month

I want to try to start answering 1 question each email that you guys ask me repeatedly:

This one came in from Shawn Manfredo:

I need to know that when DDP was down in the dumps back in his WCW days and he was losing all his money and had to sell off his tights and such. Then a limo picked him up and a "benefactor" got him his back on his way. Who the benefactor was? This was never resolved. The mystery still haunts us to this day

I got to tell you that is one of the most frequently asked questions…EVER! I literally would have arguments with Eric Bischoff telling him we needed to answer this question. He told me we didn’t…he told me NOBODY CARES. He was wrong then and he is still wrong today… Ha! There are a chosen group of people, like Shawn, who really give a damn. So who was the benefactor…since I am really the only one who knows…it was always Kimberly. The answer could have been that simple and gave everyone the closure they were looking for!

As usual it was your pleasure... as well as mine...

YRG 4 Life!