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Sunday, May 22, 2011

This my Tribute to Randy "Macho MAN" Savage" on DDP Tv now!

This my Tribute to Randy "Macho MAN" Savage"

Randy Macho Man Savage vs DDP Highlights
Randy "Macho Man" Savage and me DDP ... If you want to hear all the behind the scenes from our feud keep on watching...

This is exactly how I produced my original weekly Wrasslin Wednesdays and first Episode of The Savage Page Feud!

The NWO Angle that led to DDP vs Savage

Here comes the Revenge of Hall and Nash... Savage

DDP blog about what's to come... Savage

This UNCENSORED where Macho and Liz shot the Angle 
on Kimberly and myself.

This is My comeback at Savage and Liz...This is Without Question my FAVORITE interview EVER! I just Got GOOSE BUMPS WATCHING IT! And so will you!

This is an Awesome compilation of on interviews to build our FEUD... At some point in Club La Vila ... I just kept Going and didn't miss a beat... This interview has a real HOT finish!

This is a Highlight reel DDP vs Savage at Spring Stampede

DDP Blog Behind the scenes of Savage vs DDPage

This is an awesome edited compilation of interviews following Spring Stampede

One of Randy's Famous NWO interviews on DDP

This is another one of my Favorite interviews and segments ...
This where I GO OFF in Charlotte N.C, with The bent up Crutch... Watch the CROWD GO F'n CRAZY and especially watch a piece of the crutch fly off and actually hit the middle rope when I hit Virgil... Thank YOU GOD!

The Welts from the whipping from the Hulkster...
Thank You Hulk may I have another ... Ha!

DDP blog "Behind the Scenes" Savage PAGE 2

Savage PAGE 2 promo video


Savage landed on my Face! I look like Alvin the chipmunk!

One of the most Exciting moments in Nitro history La Parka vs Macho MAN!

Halloween Havoc Highlights

The END of the Feud of FEUDS My Favorite FEUD Ever...
Randy "Macho Man" Savage You will be missed but You'll never be forgotten... Love you brother ... DDP

I would like THANK
and all the others who have kickass youtube videos to DDP and
Randy "Macho MAN"Savage

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hey Guys if you wanna spend a Kick ASS Healthy Happening Vacation with me DDP

Check out my Virtual TOUR of my all inclusive YRG Retreat ExtravaganZa