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Sunday, September 30, 2007


Hey Cutters...
Well I got back in the ring for the first time in almost 2 years last week in Philly…I don’t know if you would call it getting back in the ring but I did hit a couple of Diamond Cutters at the PWU 3rd anniversary PWU Red Carpet event.
Johnny Cashmere brought me in to host his first segment in the old ECW arena the “Bingo Hall”. The place was standing room only. After doing the bat cave segment where they were looking for the next Commissioner of the PWU, I came back to do some play by play for the match with Too Cold Scorpio and Joey Mathews. In Joey’s corner was Dan “The Beast”Severn. This was a really good match and the color commentators I worked with were incredible. Too Cold and Joey put on a hell of a show. By the end of the match the referee got knocked out and the Beast hit the ring to double up on Scorpio. That is when DDP jumped into the ring and hit Severn and Joey with Diamond Cutters…the place went crazy! Before I knew it Devon Moore slid in there and gave me a low blow that took me down and then he started pounding on Scorpio. Right then the lights went out…and when the lights came up the one and only Sandman was in the ring. Everybody scrambled as Too Cold, Sandman and I took center stage.

The chants of “Welcome Back”for Sandman were overwhelming. Actually had Sandman doing a little YRG in the back before the show…he loved it. About 5 of the guys got the YRG DVD and boy do they need it. On top of that my Boy Dylan who has lost 56 pounds with YRG in his first 3 months came up for the show. He brought his future ex-girlfriend (yes girls, Dylan is available again) his Mom and his sister Allie (she is a cutie pie). As a special gift for achieving his 90 day YRG goals I gave him a present...a Diamond Cutter from DDP right in the middle of the ring (you can see it at www.myspace.com/yrgworkout ) He actually requested it so I delivered! So after laying down 3 Diamond Cutters in one night did I feel it the next morning? Hell yes I did! But I iced my body down and did my YRG and now I am Unstoppable again!

In other wrestling news, a few weeks ago I got a chance to see my good buddies Jimmy Yang and Chuck Palumbo at a WWE event at Venice beach promoting SummerSlam. It was great to see Jimmy since I have known him since he was 15 years old. He came to my house Halloween 1997 dressed as Sting... he's the face behind the NWO guy and his buddy Ryan was dressed as DDP…taped ribs and all... I love that picture... It was also good to see Chuck is finally getting a break and is one of the few characters in professional wrestling who has a gimmick that is actually an extension of personality. Chuck’s new character is a biker and that’s what Chuck is in real life…He builds bikes too. I have some great pics on the site of Chuck, Chris Masters and Chuck’s bike.

To close out the wrestling news if you want to see me back in the ring again wrestling... You can see me battle it out with the one and only Buff "The Stuff" Bagwell on October 5th as Full Throttle Energy Drink presents Pro Wrestling Live! Friday Night, October 5th at 8 PM at The Mullins Center in Amherst, Massachusetts (on the campus of University of Massachusetts Amherst) and if you miss that, you can catch me in South Carolina on October 6th with the CWA... go to the site and get all the details... www.CWAprowrestling.com or http://tapq.com/cwaprowrestling/images/flyers/oct_06_07/fly100607_453x700.jpg ...
I've got two words for Mr. Bagwell ... Diamond Cutter!
In YRG news, I've got one word... BANG! With three games under his belt, Derrick Brooks, the 9 time All-Pro and Tampa Bay are 2-1 and DB has a total of 25 tackles 22 solo tackles and 3 asst. Damn...... Two weeks ago Brooks 34 years young put a hit on 22 year old Reggie Bush that damn near knocked him out of his spikes to show that this YRG Warrior still has it and then some…DB started doing YRG when the book came out over 2 years ago. When the YRG DVD’s came out I personally went to FL and trained Derrick myself and he has never has stopped... If you want to see what DB personally thinks about YRG go to www.YRGWorkout.com and read in his own words what he has to say... go to the See the Results section and you'll see him big as life... Derrick and I are presently talking about bringing YRG to the Florida Governor's Counsel on Fitness for public schools this fall. I will see DB on Game day October 14 on the field with Smokey, Gomez, Chris and CJ watch the game on the sidelines.

Another note on YRG, if you wanna see how two young studs put on muscle mass with YRG go to www.YRGWorkout.com and see if the Page brothers, 13 and 15 years old, achieved their goals of gaining 20 and 16 pounds of muscle mass over the 90 days of summer... The Page's are on the front page...
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As usual it has been your pleasure... As well as mine...
Get Healthy... Stay Strong... Be Unstoppable and Do your YRG or else!
D. Dallas Page