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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Behind the Scenes Savage/ La Parka/DDP

5/4/10 In this Wrasslin Wednesdays blog I talk about the Behind the Scenes of the time I dressed up as La Parka and beat Randy Macho Man Savage... The beauty was only 5 people in the building knew i was indeed La Parka:)
The Match


Rich B. said...

Classic! I totally remember that. I loved La Parka's "knee dance", as I called it. I hope you bring back my all time favorite wrestling moment... when you dove over the desk at Bischoff on the set of his Tonight Show spoof. Get better soon... I miss YRG class!

Jacob H said...

I remember this soo vividly. This was probably one of the greatest moments in WCW for me.

diana from fla said...

i agree with jacob,that was one of wcw greatest matches. the good old days of wrestling. get better soon

Anonymous said...

I remember that match so well. I am from the Gene Kiniski era so I have seen it all. Have watched wrestling since I was about 20 I guess so a lot of good and excellent matches over the years. Yes Diamond Take care of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Agreed! That was awesome. The people in attendance loved it. Hope you have a quick recovery.

Anonymous said...

This is classic, I love it. Smiled the entire time! I remember watching this with my dad, and ever though I was an nWo fan we were going crazy! Great stuff!