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Friday, May 14, 2010

DDP's YRG Radio RoundTable

Hey guys, due to the overall majority in people interested in doing the YRG Radio RoundTable look for our first airing date to be LIVE at 9pm Eastern this Tuesday, May the 18th. My co-host and regular on the table will be the co author of the original YRG books and featured on the original old school YRG DVDs, none other than "The Yoga-Doc", Dr. Craig Aaron. 

Each week we will feature one of our very own Team YRG members to host the show with us. We will discuss a number of subjects ranging from someone’s new recipe to someone’s latest adversity, health, nutrition, combining YRG workouts… whatever!

Our first guest is going to be the Godmother of YRG, Terri Lange! I chose Terri because she has made YRG a part of her lifestyle for the last nine years in a row and her insights may be able to help you overcome your adversity and achieve your Goals.

To round out the table, will be Robert McLearren who will coordinate the chat room (Yes will take Questions from the Chat room as well). If you want to be on the show live you can call in and fill in our final rotating seat on the RoundTable. To be on the show live just call in and get on the queue! We will rotate this position. For those of you who can't make the show and want to see if your questions are answered just check back on our player on Team YRG or the blogtalkradio.com/YrgRadio to be able to listen to archived shows or even download them via iTunes podcasts. 

In the mean time you want answered go to the FORUM on Team YRG called "YRG Radio Questions, Discussions and more" to post a questions or something you would like to hear discussed... If we use it we'll let you know. If you aren’t a member of Team YRG, just email your question to Robert@DallasPage.com

This will be an open forum, meaning that you don’t have to a member of Team YRG to participate, just understand that this is not a wrestling show. The YRG Radio RoundTable is about health, nutrition, inspiration and stimulation .While the show is being aired live, you will also be able to get on our private member website TeamYRG.com and look around at our YRG online support system.

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