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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Entourage from HBO with DDP, Jake Roberts, Nikoli Volkoff & Snuka's LOST TEST REEL

Hey Guys this is a Classic video you don't wanna miss... It's from the On Demand Entourage HBO Lost footage of me DDP, Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Nikoli Volkoff & SuperFly Jimmy Snuka's where we are playing the roles of the Boys from Entourage themselves... I play Eric, Jake plays Turtle, Nik is Drama and Snuka is Vince... it's so F'n Classic! Let me know what you think.


[YRG] Sparky said...

HA! Bro, that was awesome. You need your own show!

Anonymous said...

ROTFLMAO, don't get the show in the UK, was good to see The Snake with the snake god i miss seeing u guys on the telly. Take care xxx

Anonymous said...

Previous comment waz from the 1 & only DiamondBabe all the way across the pond in the uk :)

Unknown said...

i loved it. i known my dad would love this too..favorite wrestler in there

Senshi09 said...

all it was missing was a diamond cutter out of no where! BTW, i hope you get some kind of endorsement out of Randy Orton for jacking your finisher! RKO=DIAMOND CUTTER!! BANG! Self High Five!

I loved watching you lot back in the day! DDP was the main reason I watched WCW. NWO/Wolfpack was the other reason.. only because it was made up of most of my fav wrestlers from wwf. DDP pretty much MADE WCW though.