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Friday, January 21, 2011

Reality DDP Tv: Bluefield HELL!!! Episode 4 of 5 of my Trip to Bluefield WV

I do a really Fun interview with Jimmy Yang in this segment!

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Anonymous said...

only 1 more :( Hopefully the finale has it go out with a....BANG!!

Anonymous said...

this is the last one to bed i love you DDP

Aaron said...

just wanna say i feel jimmy's pain...i worked this show as well with all u guys, however, We (myself and DeBella) drove 9 HOURS!!!! from western KY to do this show, not just the drive but the weather as well. only to get stooged like we did. no pay, no hotel...in ur words...clusterfuck!we had to turn around at midnight and drive all the way back home because of this...lost a ton of money. SHADY!