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Saturday, November 14, 2009


Hey Guys,

I recently met with my architect in Atlanta to discus my YRG Transformation Center and I have to say that I am jacked to get it up and rolling. At this moment I don't know if I'm going to do it in LA or Atlanta. It all depends on what shakes out with the YRG infomercial, but I plan to make the decision on my birthday, which is April 5th... So that's 5 months away. In the mean time, I throwing it out there to the Universe, putting together the curriculum and business plan. I will give you the details as they come together... Having all the success I've had with my YRG Transformations, it's going to be great to have a place to call home base. At some point down the line I'll be looking to franchise... It's all about setting HUGE Goals and then working your ass off to achieve them!

Some of you may have heard I am taking bookings for independent wrestling gigs. My body is feeling so good form my daily ritual of YRG and the fact that I have given up wheat (wheat is the # 1 inflammatory to your body) that I'm going to do a few tag teams to see how my 53 year Young body really feels... So if you're interested in booking me go to www.DiamondDallasPage.com. Engagements will be limited:)

Go to www.DiamondDallasPage.com and view DDP Events and Workouts if you wanna see where I will be appearing... If you are interested in doing our Saturday morning YRG class in the Sports Park make sure you are signed up on the my LA mailing list so you know when I am doing YRG in the park and when I'm not:)

From time to time, I will continue to post updates on what I am doing on my DDP site but if you want to stay in direct touch with my day to day activities, you might want to be my friend on www.facebook.com. I constantly update facebook, answer questions and put up pictures and videos as I move along. If for some reason I haven’t accepted you on facebook, it is because you need to send me a message to be my friend…This gets rid of the spammers and shows that you really want to communicate with me.

If you are looking to stay in touch with me moment to moment (HA!), join me at www.twitter.com/theRealDDP . On the real DDP at Twitter you will get updates on what I am doing as well as inspirational messages. As my schedule gets busier, you will get more tweets. And of course you can always find me on myspace.com/dallas_page as well.

You can find all of my Social Network Pages at www.DiamondDallasPage.com

For those of you who are looking for inspiration in these times, you definitely want to go to the DDP store and get the Living Life at 90% inspirational DVD that will get you on the right track. It was $29.95 but now it is only $19.95.

The Costa Rica surf trip was great, got some great waves and some of them kicked the crap out of me. Overall it was a great time with some great guys. I wanna THANK my buddy Chuck who as always was an unreal host! You can see all of the pictures from the trip at facebook….and don’t forget to leave a comment.

In some Hollywood news I will be in an upcoming movie called "Land of the Astronauts". I start filming December staring David Arquete.

I am also working with Hollywood’s foremost acting coach Howard Fine and helping him produce “Facing Fine” a reality show based on the acting process. We got a great production company Renegade 83 on board to put this all together. I will keep you posted as we move along.

As you all know, I helped Carnie Wilson lose 50 pounds before her pregnancy. Okay, she added the 50 pounds back on because she got pregnant and had a beautiful baby girl…BUT NOW DDP and YRG will get her back on track this time for good... Ok we'll have to see about that... Ha! She is now hosting the new Newlywed Game on GSN and because of her crazy life she also has a reality show that she wants me to be a part of called "Unstapled" which should start airing January 15th... Angella and I have already done a bunch of shows.... She told her producers that no one has inspired her to the level that I have so she needed me on the show... I thought that was pretty cool... Again I'll keep you posted...

I just found out that I will be heading back to Afghanistan or Iraq in 2010. More to follow as the dates gets confirmed.
As Always it's been your Pleasure as well as mine

Get Healthy... Stay Strong... Be Unstoppable and Do your YRG or else!
Live Life at 90%