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Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Hey Guys,
I have got HUGE news, we have a brand new DiamondDallasPage.com site up and rolling and it is the coolest site I have done to date. Mostly because it is 6 sites in one.

The first site on there that I want to talk about is TeamYRG.
What is TeamYRG? It is a community that helps encourage others along their YRG journey by sharing their stories. Think of it as a support team. We've been doing it for some time on Yrgworkout.com and this just seemed like the next evolution. TeamYRG is made up of Regular Guys / Gals that made a decision to Own their Lives with YRG. Now you can share your story and inspire others to achieve their goals. As a member you get your own customizable page, blog, and friends list. So don't be afraid to reach out and ask someone for advice or encouragement ...
TeamYRG gives you new tools to share your stories and interact with all the other members of Team YRG. Your profile is your home in the TeamYRG. Upload your very own picture gallery, set your preferences, even design the look of your profile! Your friends can leave you comments on your profile, and you can leave comments on theirs! Click on someone's profile to make a connection (add as a friend) so you can easily find them later. Here is an example of the kind of posts that we are getting:
"Thanks for YRG. Did the 20 minute workout yesterday, and it was great, got my 8 year old son and wife to join in! Thought my son kept saying "Dad you sure your not going to hurt yourself! ha" It was funny. And thanks for the motivational CD. Again was listening to "Own your life" with my son on the way home, by the time we got home he had, on his own, written down that this year he wanted to be on the A/B honor roll at school, and to get his presidents physical fitness certificate! And when i asked him if he was going to do this, he remarked, Dad failure is not an option! I said I love that attitude! I always tell him that I don't always expect him to be perfect, but I always want him to give his all. And I would be honored to add you to my friends list."
How do I become a Member TeamYRG?
Simple, if you have purchased a YRG Fitness and you wanna become part of the team just come by and sign up... or join now and go get your YRG workout at the YRG Store!
Another section of the DiamondDallasPage.com site is my brand new Actor site where you can see pieces of my work on my acting reel or media reel... You will find projects I have worked on in the past and info on new releases that aren’t out yet.
Speaking of acting, I just filmed an independent movie in Detroit called "Red and Blue Marbles" where I played a bartender which was a real stretch for me since I grew up in the bar business... Ha!
Another acting role I am in the process of just finishing up is for John Schneider, aka JRS (Dukes of Hazard, Smallville and Nip Tuck) for his new TV show he's filming on Catalina Island called “26 miles”.
I play a guy named Harry Connor who is a very colorful character who thinks of himself as more of a pirate. "26 miles" is an hour long, fun comedy that is really well written and has a lot of great actors. It was tailor made for JRS who is the star, and I have been friends with for quite some time now.
A lot of people in Hollywood will tell you it is who you know and who knows you…I believe it is all about who is willing to say they know you and put their names on the line for you. JRS put his name on the line for me because he had seen pieces of my work and knew as a personality I would be perfect for the part…I never even auditioned for the part but, I put a lot of work into the character Harry Connor and after the first day of shooting the writers and directors where very happy with what I came up with... I sure as hell didn't want to make JRS look bad for stepping up for me. One of the sweet extras is, Harry, who is an ex Vietnam Vet and a little wild and crazy, does YRG and they worked it right into the show... Check out pics on the site. Click here for the pics
I also have a brand new Inspirational Speaker site.
You want to see me, DDP inspire people and move them to action…well you will find that and more on this site. My latest speaking gig was for 15 dealerships owned and operated by Jim Click... of Jim Click Automotive in Arizona. Here I combined my concept of “Living Life at 90%” and took them through a special breakout presentation of the YRG Workout. Equally as inspiring both mentally and physically. The responses we have gotten back from this speaking engagement are incredible.
Here is a response that was sent to my booking partner Marlon at DDPSpeaks.com
To: Marlon Ransom <marlon@ddpspeaks.com>
Went into the class very much against the idea. After spending time listening to DDP's story and being in his class, was very pleseantly suprised. My wife and ordered the fat burner cd and are currently on our second week of use. While my eventual goal was to become much more flexable and then loose some weight. I skipped my weight lifting for two weeks and only did DDP's fat burner, tonight was my first time back to lifting and while I still have a long way to go on flexability, my strengeth was up and weight was dow. Thanks for the lessons to DDP's and his crew.
If you want to book me for an inspirational speaking gig click here
After I finished the Inspirational speaking gigs at Click automotive I went of to U of A (University of Arizona) and took their new young QB Matt Scott and one of the coaches Kris Heavner and a few other guys through the YRG Workout. From what Kris tells me, some of the other players have added YRG to their workouts as well... just like Georgia Tech football, basketball and golf teams have. Yoga Doc actually teaches those classes when they aren't using the Regular Guys DVDs.
Even the Tennessee Vols football team are doing the YRG DVDs. Check out this article and soundbite from the Vols strength coach Johnny Long. The really cool part is I never even meet the guy... YET... but I plan on it! If you're reading this in Tennessee tell Johnny to drop me an email! Talk to you soon Johnny!
If you push play here you can even hear the strength coach being interviewed about YRG and DDP

And last but not least for all you Wrestling fans out there I have brought back one of my original DDP wrestling website sites designed by the web genius who started it all Rick Schmick... It's the same OLD SCHOOL DDP wrestling website (1996 - 2000) with just a little bit of a face lift from our new webmaster Robert McLearren that will walk you down memory lane with a BANG! Some of the best parts of the new version of this site are the You Tube videos that are posted... I actually added some behind the scenes commentary of what you are about to watch or what led up to it. We will be constantly adding Old School wrestling footage and pictures to this site. If you have any Old School pics from my wrestling days then send your pictures to webmaster@DiamondDallasPage.com Eventually we will have a “fans pics” section on the website.
Don’t forget that we have extended the Free Own Your Life offer with any YRG DVD purchase at the YRG Store. We have started filming the YRG infomercial and it is incredible. A lot of this has to be kept under wraps until it launches but check out some of the GREAT pics on the site. YRG is going to change the World and maybe the Universe!

It's been your pleasure... as well as mine!
YRG 4 Life!