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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

DDP's Wrasslin Wednesdays with FCW / Gordin Solie and Dusty Rhodes

This brief color commentating was me and the Dean of Professional Wrestling "Gordin Solie" if you wanna know who the big blonde Tag Team listen to my Behind the Scenes above!
With Coach John Heath

I took this video last week ... The Rehabbing of DDP's knee:) Getting Stronger every week!

These are how to make my Famous Strawberry Margaritas!

Tune into www.YRGradio.com
Thursday 9 pm est

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My audition for Oprah's reality show is below

I would appreciate it if you would go by this site and view my audition for Oprah and if you want to to leave a message you can... but don't forget the vote... the truth is you can VOTE as much as you Want!

This is the link to TEAM YRG www.TeamYRG.com

And here is the link to my new online radio show... YRG Radio RoundTable www.YRGradion.com

Thanks for coming by... Bang!

The behind scenes from my days in the AWA!

This week I feature my time in the AWA as a manager of Bad Company... This was the beginning of the story of the guy who went form a manager of the Tag Team World Champions at 31 years old to becoming the Heavy Weight Champion of the World at 43 years young:)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sorry NO Wrasslin Wednesdays this week Guys

I'll be back LIVE with Wrasslin Wednesdays next week Guys... I got crazzzy Busy this week preparing my audition reel for Oprah's new reality show! That's right I'm auditioning for my OWN talk show... I call it "DDP's OWN your LIFE" What else did you think I was going to call it... Ha! This is a HUGE contest that Oprah is doing to launch her OWN Network... Her Producing partner is Heavy Weight Super Mogel Mark Burnett (Survivor, Celeb Apprentice)... I'll have it up here on the site and everywhere else I can post it as soon as it's ready... because I NEED YOUR VOTES to get noticed!!! YES I NEED YOUR VOTES GUYS!!! So Get Ready To VOTE like Crazzzy for DDP!!! it's actually pretty funny as well... I OWE my buddy Steve YU Big TIME for helping me with the creative, filming and editing... GOOD GAWD! No matter what happens Steve and I had a Blast... I would love to hear your thoughts once you see it... The Good... The Bad or The UGLY... HA! Hey Guys YOU know I've got thick skin... you better have thick skin if you're in the entertainment business... Ha! I'll keep you posted!
Btw I'll be on YRG Radio RoundTable ( and yes you can get there by just going to www.YRGradio.com) Thursday June 10th at 9pm est with my partner Dr. Craig Aaron "Yogadoc" and my special Guest Host Stacey Morris! Don't miss it! OWN your LIFEYRG 4 LIFEDDP

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

This week Wrasslin Wednesday I talk about how I got into the AWA as a manger for Bad Company

This is me and the Diamond Dolls on Sanibel Island with my 62 Pink Caddy and Harley... the doll in the middle Lee Ann was the first Diamond Doll I used on Tv for the AWA the one to her left Tanya made a few appearances as well... the little one on my bike didn't make the cut...

How I got to the AWA

This is the demo video I sent to the AWA that got me my job as a manager for the Bad
Company the World Tag Team Champions! GooD GawD!