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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Reality DDP Tv: Bluefield HELL!!! Episode 5 of 5 of my Trip to Bluefield WV is finally on DaRealDDP.com

I added in the poor promotor Ernie getting hauled away by the cops... In defense of Ernie he was actually a very nice guy that believe Believed his lies... I believe he would paid everyone IF he would have been able to draw a house (draw a crowd) but with the Horrific weather and incredible badd luck he had that days... Ernie was probably safer going to Jail:)

These are some pictures we took when I stopped by Toby's house unexpected around 11:45 at night... Ha!


Tobysgirl76 said...

This is Charity Tobys wife.I was so pleased to meet DDP!!!!! Toby is always full of surprises but this one topped them all.DDP!! The 3X 3X 3X World Champion and my favorite wrestler of all times in my home.He is an awesome person with such a huge heart.Our kids loved him and Isabella our daughter still talks about DDP all the time.I am sure glad to say that DDp is our friend.We have been in touch with him ever since and I hope it will continue.Thanks for everything DDP your The bomb!!!! BANG!!!!!! And P.S I cant wait to get started with my YRG!!!!!!!

Canadian Bald Guy said...

I gotta say, DDP...you are a class act for how you treated Toby and his family on that night.

You could have very well picked up an attitude...which really would have been understandable...but instead you continued to laugh it off and show people just how nice of a guy you are.

VERY entertaining saga you've set-up here. I'd really like to see more video and back-stage stuff at your indie appearances. I think they'd be entertaining as all get out.

Debbie said...

Loved watching your episodes. My 12yr old son and I were also there and we drove Anvil, Margie, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn back to Charleston.
Like Toby it felt like a dream to us also. My son Austin was so excited to ride in the car with all of them!
We didn't get any pictures though something I regret now but when we started out everyone was so pissed and dumbfounded how the whole thing turned out. And by the time we got to the hotel everyone was exhausted. At that point I only had a vague idea of what had happened previously.
I finally got everyone to the hotel around 2:45am and then Austin and I drove back to Bluefield. We got back to the hotel about 4am. Everyone was great though considering the day. I do not know what would have happened if I didn't have a big enough car for everyone to ride in. Margie and Austin were a little bit tight in the very back seats but other wise I think it was better than the alternative.
Then the next morning we drove home to Kentucky.
All in all the whole thing was very surreal but my son is the envy of all his cousins and his 25yr old brother because he got to ride in the car with wrestling legends.
Thanks for all the behind the "curtain" drama.
Debbie M

Toast said...

Bad night sleep, I woke up at 5am, decided to check my emails. When I saw the blog posts for Bluefield Hell V, I thought it was just a blog for one of your regular wrestling events. When I read the message about "Ernie getting hauled away by the cops" I had to watch it, so I started with episode 1. What a cluster f*ck for sure! lol It's amazing with such a shit going on you stayed so positive and met some good people along the way. It's good to look back and be able to laugh, I sure did! :D

Autumn said...

During the show in Bluefield, Ernie began talking about future shows to my fiance while he was in line at the consession stand. Out of nowhere! He told me that he had a funny feeling about him from the way he spoke. LOL Who knows?
You really are an incredible person DDP. I've looked up to you since WCW's earliest days and it was a thrill meeting you and watching the Diamond Cutter up close!!! Thank you for being such a positive force and making our day with your optimism and perservering attitude!

Anonymous said...

Just a heads up!
Ernie was trying to sell Stone Cold"s voice (an impersonator) as the real deal for radio promotions. Hired and skipped out on paying an impersonator that did "Stone Cold" to promote the Bluefield show.

Anonymous said...

great foto`s ddp