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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

DDP's Bio

Meet DDP 

Diamond Dallas Page, known around the sports entertainment world of professional wrestling as "DDP", was born Page Joseph Falkinburg in 1956, growing up in the beachside community of Pt. Pleasant, NJ. Page was an energetic kid, who would barrel through his grandma's kitchen on his tricycle, swing from chandeliers, and cannonball pool parties. His drive and ambition would lead him on an inspirational journey from being three-time world wrestling champion to his current endeavor of inspiring others to Own Your Life. DDP has developed his life changing YRG Fitness system including books, audio cd's and DVD workouts and is touring the country to promote his system and after life changing results. 

After reaching several athletic goals, DDP decided that he could and would do something that had never been done before& in any sport. Approaching 36, he became the oldest rookie in history and started wrestling at an age at which most athletes reflect on their careers, Page was ready to put in all on the line and on the mat to stay healthy enough to climb from the bottom of the ladder to the main event. His incredible work ethic, training regimen and preventative maintenance along with unmatched personal focus and determination enabled him to battle the hands of time and stay healthy enough to wrestle with men half his age for years to come. His uncanny ability to create his character along with story lines that fans could relate to propelled him to national notoriety, and made him one of the hottest merchandising commodities in professional wrestling.

During his fourteen-year career, he captivated audiences and became a three-time world wrestling champion. Highly publicized and financially successful pay-per view and network feuds with wrestling giants such as Randy "Macho Man" Savage, Hulk Hogan and Bill Goldberg became legendary for hardcore wrestling fans, but Diamond Dallas Page also was able to bridge the gap between sports entertainment wrestling and mainstream entertainment. As networks, actors and professional athletes became more interested in the fan base and ratings that professional wrestling was attracting, Diamond Dallas Page became the unlikely tag team partner of late-night talk show host Jay Leno, basketball icon Karl Malone and movie star David Arquette. Those pay-per-view and charity match appearances versus Hollywood Hulk Hogan and perennial "bad boy" Dennis Rodman are memorable to both fans and non-fans alike. 

Along with the championship titles and main events came pain and injury in the form of torn rotator cuffs in both shoulders, and a torn meniscus in his left knee. While performing wrestling stunt sequences during the making of the movie "Ready To Rumble", DDP severely damaged his back when he suffered ruptures of his L4 and L5 discs. Now in his mid-forties, it seemed that he should listen to all those who suggested that either surgery or retirement would ease the pain and be the best solution to the loss of mobility his injuries had caused.

Page began to search for a better answer, knowing that his positive attitude was equal to the challenge of rehabilitation. Along with the support of doctors and physical therapists, he decided to become an expert at healing his own body. He studied and experimented with chiropractics, applied kinesiology, nutrition, organic juicing and supplementation to create the perfect mix of wellness for a person who was trying to, as he put it, to put "Humpty Dumpty back together again." 

His quest led him back to the mat& except this time it was a yoga mat. After studying the positive healing effects and increased flexibility that yoga positions provided, DDP became a devotee and adapted the discipline to meet his own needs. He developed YRG Fitness System, which is a comprehensive, creative and motivational approach to longevity and better understanding of health and fitness that is presented in 20, 30 and 45 minute workouts. DDP is currently sharing his secrets to mental and physical change with his audio system, Own Your Life available November 15, 2006 at Sam's Clubs and on Diamond Dallas Page's website, www.DiamondDallasPage.com.

Wrestling legend Diamond Dallas Page has always found youth on a mat, and now you can call him "yogi" as he continues to entertain and motivate as an actor, speaker and author in addition to offer people the mind and body they long for. 

Film credits include Ready to Rumble, First Daughter, Rat Race, The Devil's Rejects, Splinter (2006) Snoop Dogg's Hood of Horrors (2006) and Driftwood (2006). Television credits include The Tonight Show, Entourage, Hollywood Squares, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Regis and the Best Damn Sports Show. He conducts inspirational seminars in the corporate and educational environment, guiding audiences through branding and goal-setting using his own formulas and self-taught techniques. In 1999 he published his autobiography:Positively Page: The Diamond Dallas Page Story. And his second book, YRG: Yoga for Regular Guys was published November 2005.

Birth name : Page Joseph Falkinburg (Legally changed to Dallas Page in 2003)
  • Height : 6'4" 
  • Wrestling Weight : 253 lbs. 
  • Current Weight : 228 lbs. 
  • Date of Birth : 04/05/1956
  • Born: Point Pleasant NJ, New Jersey, but Hails from the Jersey Shore!
  • Entered wrestling in 88 as a Manager 
  • Professional wrestler since 91
  • Finishing maneuver : The Diamond Cutter 
  • WCW TV Champion
  • Winner of the Battle Bowl 1996
  • 2 time WCW US Champion
  • 3 time WCW World Champion
  • 5 time WCW Tag Team Champion

Diamond Dallas Page (DDP), the former good guy of World Championship Wrestling "turned bad" continues to be one of the most recognized and respected superstars of professional wrestling. Also known as the "people's champion," his contagious popularity can be credited to his unshakable confidence and positive energy.

Against the odds, this wrestling manager - turned commentator - turned wrestler is an anomaly of success. With his patented "diamond cutter" finishing move, he paved the way to ring glory. In the past years his tag team partners have included NBA superstar Karl Malone and late night talk show host Jay Leno. More recently, he became a two-time defender of the WCW Heavyweight Championship.

Diamond Dallas Page is very active with his own charity foundation, "Bang it Out For Books." This grassroots organization was formed to fight illiteracy and promote the fun and benefits of reading to our nation's elementary school children. DDP, who fought dyslexia and fear of reading as a child, donates his appearance fee to a local school for the purchase of books and educational materials. To get more BANG for the book he has teamed up with Scholastic, the world's largest manufacturer and distributor of schoolbooks, to match his donation dollar for dollar.

DDP has appeared on various television shows such as The Tonight Show with Jay Leno; The Late, Late Show with Craig Kilborn; Hollywood Squares; CNN/Larry King Live; Live with Regis and Kathie Lee; and played a feature role in the TBS Superstation movie - "First Daughter." He maintains his own website and Internet fan club - "The Union of Diamond Cutters." DDP's website, www.DDPBang.com is one of wrestling's most popular, and receives nearly a million "hits" monthly. Currently Positively Page - The Diamond Dallas Page Journey is available on his website. This book was self-published by Positive Publications and features over 100 pictures and a 16-page color insert.

Many wrestlers move on to become managers or colour commentators. Names such as Bobby Heenan, Jesse Ventura, Larry Zbysko, and the American Dream Dusty Rhodes come to mind. But Diamond Dallas Page did it complete opposite, because he started as a manager and later followed it up as a colour commentator, and in 1991 he started as a wrestler and his hard-work ethic have made a star. 

The beginning

Diamond Dallas worked in the night-club business before and after he started working as a wrestling manager in the American Wrestling Association. He started in March 1988, where he was manager for Badd Company (Paul Diamond and Pat Tanaka), a team he lead to the AWA World Tag Team Titles at March 19. During his time in the AWA, Page also managed Col. DeBeers and Madusa.

Page worked for the AWA at 12 dates over a period of nine months, where they filmed all the television shows in one day. After the relationship with AWA ended Page started working for Florida Championship Wrestling, where he worked along side the Dean of Wrestling, Gordon Solie, as a colour commentator. In 1990 Dallas received a tryout with the WWF as an announcer, but never got the job. When FCW went down, Page was still involved in the club business until Dusty Rhodes returned to WCW started booking and brought Page in on a small contract in early 1991.


In WCW Dallas started managing the Fabulous Freebirds, he also got the Diamond Dolls, who he paraded down the aisle with. Page soon managed the Freebirds to a shot at the NWA World Tag Team Titles when the Freebirds, who consisted of Ron Garvin and Michael P.S. Hayes, defeated Doom (Butch Reed and Ron Simmons) on February 24, 1991. Before that match took place, Page unveiled the stable's new road manager, Big Daddy Dink, formerly known as Oliver Humperdink, who interfered in the match.

The Freebirds couldn't hold on the title for long, they lost them to the Steiner Brothers, actually before winning the title. Scott Hall was then introduced to the stable, under the name Diamond Studd. The Freebirds then went on to defeat the Young Pistols for the vacant NWA United States Tag Team Titles on May 19, 1991. During this time, Studd was involved in a feud with Tom Zenk over who was the biggest stud in WCW. Page and Studd even attacked Zenk during a television taping. Studd went on to prove that in fact he was the top stud by defeating Zenk at the 1991 Great American Bash. Soon after that the Freebirds lost the NWA United States Tag Team Titles to the Patriots.

Page also worked for the WCW as a colour commentator with Eric Bischoff, Page said that they were the B team. There were rumors about the WCW wanted to take the Diamond Studd away from Page, and at that time Magnum T.A. told Page that he should put on a pair of tights and go into the ring himself. Page followed his advice and headed down to the Power Plant, where Buddy Lee Parker, The Assassin, and Dusty Rhodes transformed Dallas into a wrestler.

Page's first match in the WCW was a tag team match, where he alongside the Diamond Studd faced Kevin Sullivan and his partner. After the match Page got good remarks from wrestlers and announcers, but it didn't help him much, because he was then put on the "job" list as you can see in the Pay-Per-View section.

But Page worked on and brought other wrestlers into his stable, a certain Scotty Flamingo (Raven) and Vinnie Vegas (Kevin Nash), these relationships have been used in some angles as you will discover. Page went in the corner of Scotty Flamingo, at Clash of the Champions XXI on November 18, 1992, when Flamingo fought Johnny B. Badd in a boxing match. Flamingo won this bout with a little help from Page who filled Flamingo's glove with water.

In late 1992 Page's career took a turn for the worse when he tore a rotator cuff in a tag match with Tex Slazenger and Shanghai Pierce (Now known as the Godwinns). During his layoff, Jake "The Snake" Roberts taught him psychology, what to do and when to do it, and how to do it. During his layoff Page wasn't employed by WCW

Page was rehired by WCW in early 1994 by Eric Bischoff. But that didn't help him much, he was still used to put the other wrestlers over. The WCW however wanted to do something for him, so he got a bodyguard, Max Muscle, and the Diamond Doll (Kimberly), who wasn't treated very good, to accompany him to the ring. Kimberly also got the job to rate Page's moves in the ring, with a scoreboard, although it was Page who yelled to her which to raise, usually a 10 or a 10+.

It didn't change his winning streak though, so instead he challenged wrestlers to arm wrestling contests, promising a date with Kimberly to the one who could beat him. Page defeated jobber after jobber in the contest until he challenged the big goof, David Sullivan, who had a rabbit which he brought to the ring. The stipulations for the contest was that if Page won he would get the rabbit and if Sullivan won he would get the date with Kimberly. The contest should be at the Great American Bash. Sullivan went on to defeat Page and win the date with Kimberly, though he didn't get much out of it, since he was attacked by Page and Max Muscle.

The feud ended at the Bash at the Beach, where Dallas pinned Sullivan, this turned out to be the turning point of his career. Dallas went on to defeat Alex Wright at the Champions XXXI, this earned him a shot at the TV Title against then champion Renegade. The two clashed at Fall Brawl, September 17th, 1995, Page dominated the bout with the limited Renegade, and Page won the match and the title with a helping hand from Max Muscle, who held Renegade's legs so Page could put on the Diamond Cutter for the win.

The feud with Johnny B. Badd

Page wasn't able to hold on to the title for long, but his feud with Johnny B. Badd made people take notice. Page lost the TV Title to Badd at Halloween Havoc in a great match, Kimberly then threw salt in the open wound, when she ranked Badd's victory a 10+. Page was mad and wanted a rematch at World War III and stated that if he lost, Badd would acquire Kimberly's services. Page lost the match, but the feud continued, with Page staring at the ceiling at SuperBrawl VI, where he lost 6.6 million dollars to Kimberly. Page then had to sell a pair of his wrestling tights at a WCW television taping to get some money back to pay his bills, during the process he couldn't afford the services of Max Muscle.

Dallas continued his feud with Johnny B. Badd, and gained revenge, when he caused Badd to loose the title to Lex Luger. Page then and challenged him to a Loser Leaves WCW match, but some weeks before the event Badd was released from his contract, so instead Dallas fought the Booty Man, who won the match and got Kimberly under his arm. So with the match lost Dallas was forced to leave the WCW, but since the contract was against Badd, Dallas returned, and he was more than ready to prove himself. Upon his return, WCW played it like there was a secret benefactor, who supported Page, but the angle was never fully played out.

Page certainly proved himself, at Slamboree where Dallas entered the Battle Bowl, where he was teamed up with the Barbarian. First the team overcame the team of Meng and Hugh Morrus and thereafter the team of Rick Steiner and the Booty Man. DDP was ready for the battle royal, and after a tough battle he was the last man standing in the ring, and was declared the "Lord of the Ring" and was awarded a ring. The "Lord of the Ring" title was going to be a title like the other titles in the WCW.

Page vs Eddy Guerrero

Dallas defended the title against Marcus Bagwell and Jim Duggan with success on pay-per-view and others at television tapings and house shows. Eddy Guerrero was the next contender for the title, and in an entertaining match, despite their contrary styles, Guerrero came out on top, and received three consecutive Diamond Cutters for his victory. Dallas took the ring, and it hasn't been seen since.

Eddy got injured because of the Diamond Cutters, so his nephew Chavo wanted to defend the family honors, but he also became a victim of the Diamond Cutter. DDP and Eddy continued their feud during the end of 1996, Dallas won at Halloween Havoc.

Page and the nWo

The New World Order wanted Dallas to join them, and it was his former friends Scott Hall and Kevin Nash who asked him, but Dallas didn't want any part of it, and Hall was on the receiving end of a Diamond Cutter. At Starrcade, where DDP and Eddy battled for more than glory, because it was the final for the in the US Title tournament, Eddy came out on top, when Hall blasted interfered, which was the end of the feud with Eddy.

Page then helped Guerrero to beat Scott Norton of the nWo in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on January 22, 1997 at Clash of the Champions XXXIV. 4 days later at nWo's Souled Out, Page lost to Scott Norton via count-out after Page decided to leave the ring. Several members of the nWo came to the ring during that match and gave Page an nWo T-shirt. Page put the shirt on, gave Norton a Diamond Cutter, left the ring, and ripped the nWo shirt in half.

DDP vs Savage

The ongoing war with the nWo continued with Buff Bagwell, whom he defeated at SuperBrawl. On Monday Nitro on February 24, 1997, Page was challenged to a match by Scott Hall, which he accepted, later that night during the match, Page was attacked by Randy Savage, who dropped three elbows on Page, along with other nWo members and covered with spray paint. This was only the start of one of the hottest feuds in 1997.

At WCW Uncensored 1997 on March 16, 1997, Page was being interviewed by Gene Okerlund when he was attacked by Randy Savage and spray painted on. Savage appeared in the crowd with pictures from an issue of Playboy that Kimberly appeared in, and told the world that DDP and Kimberly was married. Kimberly came out to Page crying, and when DDP looked over at Kim, Savage attacked him.

That all led to the Spring Stampede 1997 altercation between the two, which they headlined. Page defeated Savage in a no disqualification match. Both men were injured in that match, Page suffered a bruised shoulder. At Slamboree Savage was being interviewed, when DDP came to ring, and accused Savage of kissing Hollywood's ass, Hogan attacked DDP with a crutch at Nitro, May 11th, Savage ran back to ring only to be hit by the crutch.

After many attacks on Page by the nWo on Nitro, a rematch between Savage and Page was signed for WCW Great American Bash 1997. Savage defeated Page in this no-disqualification lights-out match after Scott Hall came in and gave DDP the Outsider Edge. Page then challenged Hall and Savage to a tag match at bash at the Beach 1997. Page said he had a mystery partner he would unveil then. The partner turned out to be Curt Hennig. However, Page and Hennig had an altercation during that match and Page was left to wrestle Hall and Savage by himself, and eventually lost.

Page got his revenge on Savage, at Nitro, July 7th, when DDP came to ring dressed as La Parka, and pinned Savage in a mere seconds. But Page still had unfinished business with Hennig, but lost to Hennig at Road Wild.

The next week on Nitro, Page teamed with Lex Luger to take on the Outsiders, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, the World Tag Team Champions, in the main event. Luger and Page won via disqualification after the rest of the nWo attacked them.

Three nights later at Clash of the Champions XXXV, Page and Luger fought Hall and Savage in the main event. Before the match, Kevin Nash said Savage could defend his title for him, making this a World Tag Title Match. During the match, Savage punched Page right in the eye, temporarily blinding him. When Luger went over to DDP to help him, DDP thought it was an nWo member, and gave Luger a Diamond Cutter. Hall went on to slowly cover Luger and get a win for the nWo.

On the next Nitro, DDP came to Luger's aid when Luger was out, and Luger accidentally put him in the torture rack. These series of misunderstandings continued the next week on Nitro when Page and Luger fought Hall and Savage again. at the end of the match, when both Luger and Page were in the ring at the same time, Luger went to nail hall with a forearm, when Hall ducked, Luger hit Page, who was behind Hall, giving the nWo the win.

The next week on Nitro, the two finally decided to settle their differences, and fought in the ring. In the middle of the match, the nWo came to ringside. After the nWo began to interfere, Luger and Page stopped fighting each other and fought the nWo together. They then embraced in the ring.

Luger and Page fought Hall and Savage again at WCW Fall Brawl: War Games 1997 on September 14, 1997. Luger scored the win for the duo when he rolled Hall up and Larry Zbysko made the 3 count because Hall knocked out 2 referees in the match.

The next week on Nitro, DDP challenged Savage to a lights out match at Halloween Havoc, and Savage accepted. On the October 6, 1997 edition of Monday Nitro, Page beat the Disco Inferno via disqualification in a Television Title Match. Page had Disco beat with a Diamond Cutter and the Television Title in his grasps, but Savage came to the ring and attacked DDP. They brawled to the outside where Savage was ready to give Page a piledriver on the concrete, but WCW interim commissioner Rowdy Roddy Piper came to ringside and stopped him. DDP turned Savage around and gave him a Diamond Cutter on he concrete. Page and Piper escaped through the crowd from the nWo, and Savage was carried away on a stretcher.

The next week on Nitro, DDP became the new United States Heavyweight Champion! Or so it seemed at the time. He beat Curt Hennig while Curt was distracted watching Ric Flair at ringside. The referee, Randy Anderson, made the 3 count just before Ric Flair got to Hennig in the ring. Randy Anderson tried to take the title away from DDP, because Anderson disqualified Page, but Piper came to the ring and declared Page the new US Champ. For some odd reason, WCW gave Hennig the title back.

Page went on to face Randy Savage again in a Las Vegas Sudden Death Match at Halloween Havoc 1997. The rules were simple, the man that couldn't continue after being knocked out for 10 seconds lost the match. Well this match was all over the arena. Elizabeth, Savage's manager, even started attacking Page. That made Kimberly come out and start fighting with Elizabeth, Kimberly hadn't followed DDP to the ring after an attack by Savage. DDP and Savage fought to the backstage area. The referee was hit and knocked out. Then there was a fake Sting at ringside that nailed DDP with the bat, which made it impossible for Page to respond to the 10 count. It was later announced that Hogan was the fake Sting.

The next night on Nitro, Page challenged Hogan to a match for the WCW World Title, because of his actions. In a entertaining match Dallas defeated Hollywood by disqualification, when the nWo stormed the ring. Hollywood took his revenge though, at World War 3, when Hogan after the battle royal gave DDP three Diamond Cutters on the belt.

Dallas had a face-off with Curt Hennig at Nitro, November 10th, this time Page won the match by disqualified when he Hennig whacked him with the US Title, the same result came at December 1st, when the nWo stormed the ring. Ric Flair was set to face Curt Hennig for the US title at Starrcade 1997, December 28. Hennig attacked Flair on Nitro, which put Flair out of the title match. DDP came to the rescue and challenged Hennig to the match at Starrcade, which Hennig accepted.

The two put on a good match, and in the end the Diamond Cutter did the job and Dallas was declared the new US Champion.

DDP vs Benoit vs Raven

After becoming US Champion, DDP granted Chris Benoit a shot at the US Title, because Benoit was made out of the same stuff as DDP. Their first match took place at Thunder, February 5th, 1998, where Raven and his flock destroyed the match. But DDP granted Benoit another shot at SuperBrawl VIII, where DDP came out on top. 

Raven then started to put his ugly head into the feud. Raven and his flock attacked DDP at Nitro, March 2nd, when Benoit came to the rescue, but DDP hit Benoit, and a slugfest erupted, but when Raven re-entered the ring they attacked him in union. In a tag team match featuring Benoit and DDP vs Raven and Saturn things turned ugly, Benoit had Raven in the Crippler Crossface, when DDP used his Diamond Cutter on Saturn, they hit Benoit, who got mad and started attacking DDP, which brought more heat to the Three Way Dance. At Uncensored in an ECW style match the three opponents clashed, but Diamond Dallas Page where able to win the match when he Diamond Cut Raven through a table, after the match Benoit helped DDP to his feet.

But Raven and DDP aren't finished. Dallas was at the show MTV Live, when suddenly Raven attacked DDP and took the US Title with him. Page has since stalked Raven to get the title back, but Raven is only interested in talking about the past, and how Raven believes Page betrayed him. Page came close to get the title back on two occasions, but Raven got away. The two will clash at Spring Stampede, which will be interesting.

Dallas and Raven got it on at Spring Stampede, it was a very interesting match, which involved almost all of the members of Raven's flock. In the end though a new member of the flock, who was dressed as a WCW crew member, nailed DDP with a sign, which was followed up with a Evenflow DDT on a kitchen sink. Without the US Title DDP needs to set himself some new goals.

The feud against Raven will continue for some time, and it looks like DDP will team with Goldberg, who also have problems with the Flock. At Slamboree DDP and Raven will clash in a Cage Match.

In a Bowery Death Match in an enclosed Cage at Slamboree Dallas and Raven clashed. It was a typical brawl with some great high spots, and even though the flock interfered Page came out on top, and now it looks like he is ready for bigger and better things.

DDP vs Hogan

The following day at Nitro, Page was interviewed, here he stated that he wanted revenge on Hogan and the nWo for the things that have been done to him over the last year, interesting! At Thunder The Giant wasn't too pleased with Sting's decision to join the Wolf Pack, so he declared Brian Adams as his new tag team partner and champion and challenged Lex Luger and a partner of his choice. Lex Luger picked Diamond Dallas Page, they won the match, but not the title since JJ Dillon decided that the Giant didn't have the authorities to declare others as champions.

Because of Page's help at Thunder, the Wolf Pack offered him a spot even though not every one wanted him in, but before he could make accept, he was knocked down by Dennis Rodman and Hollywood Hogan with chairs. At Nitro, June 15, Randy Savage admitted that it was him, who was against Page joining the Wolf Pack, so to see if DDP had, what it takes, he challenged him to a cage match. DDP accepted, and was on his way to victory in a hard fought match, when nWo Hollywood attacked and punked both men, and referee Roddy Piper, who also attacked both men during the contest, but also was on the receiving end.

The war with Hogan and Rodman continued and got some new heat when DDP recruited Karl Malone to face Hogan and Rodman at Bash at the Beach. They appeared together on the Tonight Show, hosted by Jay Leno, and came out when Hogan and Rodman called Malone a wimp. The feud with Hogan is heating up with different name callings on Nitro, the best part was when DDP said he was sick and tired of Hogan's attitude and work ethic (what work ethic?).

DDP and Malone went after Hogan on the June 29th episode of Nitro, Malone got the best of Hogan with a bodyslam and some clotheslines. DDP and Malone also helped Goldberg to win the WCW World Title from Hogan, when they secured that Hogan's henchmen didn't interfere in the match. Dallas and Malone lost their match at Bash at the Beach thanks to the Disciple.

On Nitro the following day, the Disciple challenged DDP to a match, which he of course answered and won. After the match Hogan brained DDP with a chair. DDP got a taste of revenge when he later on Diamond Cut Eric Bischoff, but only to be beaten on by Hogan. Finally this feud is going somewhere.

At Nitro, July 20, Diamond Dallas Page together with Bret Hart was named the top contenders for the US Title and fight for it later that night. During the show Page was attacked when Bret called him out, but Page made it to the match later that night, but he was limping and was bandaged, so he was easy pickings for Bret, who made DDP submit to the Sharpshooter.

The following week at Nitro, Page revealed that it was Hogan, who attaked him the week before. DDP then issued a challenge to Hogan, the match took place later that night and DDP fought hard and hit Hogan with the Diamond Cutter, but then the ring was filled with nWo and Wolfpack members.

But Dallas isn't finished with Hogan or his cronies yet, when Hogan and Bischoff took over the Tonight Show hosted by Jay Leno, it was too much for Page, who chased off Hogan and Bischoff. Hogan then challenged both Page and Leno to a match at Road Wild to go up against the team of Hogan and Bischoff, which DDP and Leno accepted, when DDP offered to train Leno. Personally I think it is a step downward for wrestling, when non-wrestlers step in the ring, and especially when it is the main event for Road Wild, but in opinion it tells more about WCW and their faith in their wrestlers to sell a pay-per-view event.

Page had a big problem at Nitro, August 3, when the nWo with Bischoff and Hogan in front started taunting Kimberly, this brought out Page, but the numbers were too strong and he received a chokeslam from the Giant. At Thunder, Page got a taste of revenge, when he attacked Bischoff during nWo Night C(r)ap and destroyed the set. At Road Wild Dallas as usually worked his ass off, and in the end it was crowned with a victory after Kevin Eubanks delivered the Diamond Cutter to Bischoff and Leno covered him.

August 17, at Nitro the main event for Fall Brawl was announced, the captains was going to be Diamond Dallas Page, Kevin Nash, and Hollywood Hogan, the winner would get a shot at the World Title at Halloween Havoc. Later that night DDP announced that he already had recruited a member for his team and then put on a challenge to Bret Hart. During the match Bret Hart used brass knuckles on DDP and then went on to put them in DDP's tights, the referee then noticed the knuckles and disqualified Page.

Page has assembled his team for the War Games and it consists of Roddy Piper and the Warrior, and together they cleaned the ring of both nWo Hollywood and the Wolfpack at Nitro, August 24. At Nitro, August 31, Nash gave DDP until next week to find out if he wanted to join the Wolfpack or not, but before DDP could get to the point he was attacked by the Giant.

The next week Dallas took the offer to join the Wolfpack as a threat and stated that he didn't trust Nash, because of his past in nWo, neither could he understand how Sting and Lex Luger could do it. This brought out the three members of the Wolfpack, Luger tried to persuade DDP, but to no avail. Sting then suggested a tag match pitting himself and Luger against DDP and Rowdy Piper, which was accepted. Piper wasn't too thrilled with the idea since he didn't think DDP should make matches for him, and the two were argueing when the match started. During the match Nash came to the ring and made short work of Piper before Jackknifing DDP. Team WCW have problems, DDP and Piper aren't thinking the same, but they have promised each other that at Fall Brawl it's every man for himself.

Diamond Dallas Page entered the War Games Match as the first man together with Bret Hart, when Roddy Piper came to the ring he attacked everybody including Page. Hogan then came to the ring and used a weapon to knock everybody down, but the end came when the Warrior went after Hogan, Dallas used the Diamond Cutter to pin Stevie Ray. Dallas will now face Goldberg for the WCW World Title at Halloween Havoc.

DDP against Goldberg

At Nitro, September 21, Page was challenged by Alex Wright for the shot at Goldberg, but DDP eventually hit Wright with the Diamond Cutter and won the match, afterwards Page promised Goldberg a "bumpy-bumpy ride" at Hallween Havoc.

Thunder, October 1, DDP first defeated Lodi, then he helped Goldberg retain the World Title, when Goldberg was about to be beaten by Raven. After the rescue mission DDP and Goldberg went nose to nose. The continuing saga with DDP, Goldberg, Raven and Kanyon continued at Nitro, October 5, DDP fought Kanyon, Raven and Lodi then hit the ring and started their attack on Pge, this brought out Goldberg, who cleared the ring, Goldberg and DDP then went nose to nose until JJ Dillon got them to back off.

Nitro, October 18, Chris Jericho ranted about DDP, this brougth out Page who challenged Jericho to a match. The match took place later that night, and was an excellent showing of both men's talents. Jericho had also ranted about Goldberg and this brought out the champion during the match, Goldber speared Jericho and went for the Jackhammer, but DDP snatched Jericho and delivered a Diamond Cutter, DDP and Goldberg then went nose to nose.

At Halloween Havoc, DDP and Goldberg pulled on a great show. Page tried everything on the huge monster, but wasn't able to get the duke after he hit Goldberg with the Diamond Cutter. Goldberg then used his power to get Page in the Jackhammer for the win. After the match the two combatants embraced.

Page and Bret Hart settle their score

The next night at Nitro, DDP showed that he could bounce back from the defeate at Halloween Havoc, as he defeated Bret Hart to win the WCW US Title. It was a good match, but afterwards Bret attacked DDP using a chair, but Goldberg came to the rescue.

Dallas made his return to wrestling at Nitro, November 16, Bret Hart had just taken out Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko, when DDP made his attack. After this DDP stated that he would take on Bret Hart at World War III. At Thunder, Page once again stopped Bret from doing more damage to Konnan.

At World War III, Dallas and Bret had a hard fought match. Bret used his cunning tactics with foreign objects and run-ins. The nWo referee came to the ring and walloped Page with a chair, Bret then used his foreign object and slapped DDP in the Sharpshooter. The nWo referee then declared Bret as the winner, but Micky Jay said that the match had to continue, which DDP took advantage of as he rolled up Bret for the pin.

The next night at Nitro DDP once again stopped Bret from injuring another wrestler, but DDP also took a chair shot himself, before he hoisted Bret out of the ring. Page then stated that he would wrestle Bret at the next Nitro.

A Giant Problem

November 30, 1998, at Nitro, Bret tried to back out of the match due to injury, but Dallas provoked him, and they agreed to a No Disqualification Match. During the match the Giant came to the ring and chokeslammed DDP several times, Bret then put DDP in the Sharpshooter for the win.

Diamond Dallas Page wanted to get back at the Giant, and his first step of revenge happened at Thunder, were DDP used a chair to brain the Giant. At Nitro, Bret challenged DDP to a match, but it was only a setup for an attack from the Giant, who chokeslammed DDP through a wooden platform.

Page got his revenge on the Giant at Starrcade, December 27, the Giant totally manhandled Page during most of the match, during the match, Bret Hart accidentally nailed the Giant with a chair, but Page didn't get the pin. The Giant tried to chokeslam Page, but he shifted the balance and delivered the Diamond Cutter for the win. At Nitro, January 4, 1999, DDP took on Brian Adams, who was easily defeated.

Nothing finer than Scott Steiner

At the following Nitro, Dallas took on Scott Steiner, before the match Steiner had made remarks about Kimberly. The match was marred by outside interference from Vincent and Buff Bagwell, who threw powder in the face of DDP, Steiner then nailed DDP with a chair and put on the Steiner Recliner for the win.

It looks like Dallas will be locked in a feud with Scott Steiner for a while, because at Nitro, January 18, Steiner harrassed Kimberly on several occasions. At Thunder, January 21, DDP addressed the situation, and he was really pissed and told Steiner to stay away from Kimberly.

At Nitro, February 1, Scott Steiner again harassed Kimberly, which ended with Kimberly getting injured. Later Kidman told DDP what had happened, this got DDP to call out Scott Steiner, but instead Disco Inferno showed up and told Dallas that Steiner wanted a match at SuperBrawl, Disco then slapped DDP, who then destroyed Disco. At Thunder DDP took out his frustrations on Glacier, who was more or less torn apart.

The next week on Nitro, DDP defeated Kenny Kaos but the feud with Scott Steiner took another ugly turn. DDP were watching the backs of the Nitro Girls to make sure that Steiner didn't interfere. But later Steiner and Kimberly were about to get into a car together, but DDP stopped them which lead to a brawl with Steiner. Kimberly got in the car and so did Steiner, who then started to drive away, but he turned around and threw Kimberly out of the care, resulting in Kimberly getting knocked out and the paramedics placed a neckbrace on her and she was taken to hospital.

At Nitro, February 15, it was revealed that Kimberly had suffered a mild concussion and facial lacerations and that DDP had taken her to a place where no one would find her. But Scott Steiner also had some tricks up his sleeve as he wanted to take Page to court for injuring him. At Thunder Scott Steiner added a stipulation to his matchup with DDP at SuperBrawl, if Steiner could defeated DDP he would get Kimberly for 30 days, interesting.

At SuperBrawl, Scott Steiner got the attention of Page, when he stated that it wasn't his fault that Kimberly liked him. Dallas then stormed the ring and completely dominated Steiner, Page had Steiner under control with his intensity, but this got Buff Bagwell to the ring and together with Steiner they tried to surround the ring. Dallas wanted them get it on, Buff and Steiner then dominated Page for a while. The interference from Buff Bagwell proved to be the turning point in the match, and after Steiner put DDP in the Steiner Recliner it was over, though Page didn't quit, he passed out and was wheeled out on a stretcher.

A heel turn

Nitro, March 29, DDP returned and was looking for revenge, but due to the President Ric Flair it was not to happen unless he could beat Hogan. Further more Flair wanted to be Page's manager for the match, which didn't sit well with DDP. The Canadian fans didn't appreciate DDP, which got him to "snap" and talk trash to the audience - proving that he indeed is a mark for his own career. The match was a brawl all over the arena and included DDP and Hogan destroying the set of Nitro. Flair interfered on DDP's behalf, but he didn't want any part of it. The match ended when Flair tried to nail Hogan with a chair, but instead hit DDP. At Thunder, DDP defeated Horace.

The next week on Nitro during an confrontation between Ric Flair and Hollywood Hogan, DDP made his way out and wanted to be in it, Goldberg also wanted the same, so a four way dance was announced. During the match, which was one big brawl, Nash interfered causing Goldberg to win by disqualification. Sting then descended from the ceiling and pointed at a screen, here Randy Savage announced that at Spring Stampede a four way dance would take place between Sting, Hogan, Flair, and DDP with Savage as the special referee.

Diamond Dallas Page was really pumped up for the four way dance, where everybody was taking on everybody. Hogan was eventually carted off due to injury, which DDP helped to aggravate as he used the figure four leglock around the ring post, so it ended with Page, Flair and Sting taking on each other. During the match Flair had Sting in the figure four leglock, but Sting made it to the ropes, but Savage heaved them to the centre of the ring where he blasted Flair with an elbow drop, when Flair got up Page nailed him with the Diamond Cutter to win the match and the WCW World Title in a fantastic match. Since the incident with Hogan, Page has more or less been proud of doing it.

After the match Randy Savage congratulated DDP, but also stated that DDP owed him a title shot. Shortly after Scott Steiner attacked Page, this was shown the next day at Nitro. Sting also wanted a shot at the title, but since DDP would fight Scott Steiner at Nitro, Page couldn't give it to Sting. Later Ric Flair wanted to strip Page of the title, but due to Randy Savage it didn't happen. Kevin Nash stated that he would face Page at Slamboree for the title since he struck a deal with Flair - so Page really have some challenges ahead.

Diamond Dallas Page came to the ring with Kimberly for his match against Steiner, the match was hard fought and went all around the ring, eventually Steiner removed the top turnbuckle and began slamming DDP's face and back into the exposed turnbuckle, this got Kimberly to react as she nailed Steiner with a chair, which let Dallas execute the Diamond Cutter to retain the World Title.

At Thunder, Stevie Ray challenged Page for the title and DDP was only glad to give it. Page had to deal with the other members of the nWo black and with, but still he was able to defeat Stevie Ray in a fair encounter to hold on to the gold.

At Nitro, April 19, Goldberg got in Page's face during an interview and the two agreed to a match. The match was hard fought and Page showed some new signs of himself during it. Page came close to pinning the tough guy when he nailed him with the Diamond Cutter, but Goldberg kicked out and then nailed both Page and the referee with a Spear. Goldberg then nailed DDP with the Jackhammer, but there was no one to make the count, so Page used a foreign object on Goldberg and then started working on Goldberg's leg, he was just about to put him in the figure four around the ring post, when Kevin Nash interfered, but rightfully so Page then nailed him with the belt.

Nitro, April 26, proved to be a busy night for Diamond Dallas Page, who was booed heavily during the entire show, especially when he wouldn't grant Sting a title shot, but commissioner Piper stated that he head 45 minutes to prepare for it. The two men had a great match, but Sting won it after he countered the Diamond Cutter with the Scorpion Deathdrop to take the win and the WCW World Title. But Kevin Nash, who saw the gold slip out of his finger then challenged Sting, Goldberg, and DDP to a four way dance later in the show.

The match saw many near falls, but Goldberg had the match won, when suddenly Randy Savage appeared and threw in some brass knuckles to Page, who nailed Kevin Nash with them to take the win and become WCW World Champion for a second time. Page quickly exited through the crowd. At Thunder Diamond Dallas Page was challenged by Bam Bam Bigelow, DDP accepted. The match was fought hardcore style with alot of foreign objects being used. During the match DDP nailed Bam Bam with the Diamond Cutter, but was too tired to get the pin. Randy Savage then made his way down and nailed Bigelow with the Big Elbow to let Page gain the pinfall. Wonder what kind of relationship Page and Savage have.

At Nitro, May 3, Ric Flair wanted the WCW World Title and Page granted him a shot. Page also cut an interview, where he stated that he was a legend. Of course the match was being officiated by Flair's personal referee Charles Robinson, who allowed Flair to do everything. Flair got DDP in the figure leglock, Savage's valet Gorgeous George then took Robinson out, this gave Page the time to escape the figure four. Savage then handed brass knuckles to Page, who knocked out Flair to retain the WCW World Title.

Slamboree, May 9, 1999, Page and Nash clashed for the WCW World Title. The match went back and forth with neither man able to get the advantage. The match then went outside of the ring, where Page nailed Nash with the Diamond Cutter, but was unable to get the pin. Kevin Nash then gained the advantage and nailed Page with the Snake Eyes, a big boot, and then planted him with the Jackknife Powerbomb. Page's saviour Randy Savage then showed up and attacked Nash, causing a disqualification, this didn't sit well with Eric Bischoff, who ordered Savage away from the ring and the match to restart. The match then went back and forth again until Nash kicked a chair into DDP's face and then nailed him with the Jackknife to end Page's second World Title regain.

The Triad

At Nitro, May 17, DDP arrived together with Ric Flair. Ric ordered a match between DDP and Kevin Nash. Page then called out Bam Bam Bigelow to watch his back. DDP and Nash delivered a solid match with a lot of interference, Bigelow tried to mess in the match, but didn't succeed. The match was then thrown out of the window and Randy Savage together with DDP and Bigelow then took out the champion.

DDP started Nitro, May 24, by attacking Raven and Saturn with a 2X4, while his tag team partner Bam Bam Bigelow were distracting them. Later in the show Page and Bigelow helped Ric Flair beat down Roddy Piper during an interview session, for their help Page and Bigelow was awarded with a title shot a the WCW Tag Team Champions - Raven and Saturn at the Great American Bash. Later that night Page and Bigelow teamed up with Flair once again to go up against Piper, Benoit and Malenko, but Raven and Saturn showed up and chased them to the back. In the locker room, DDP was knocked down by Hogan, who used a chair to get the job done.

At Thunder, DDP was having a conversation with Ric Flair, when Chris Benoit interrupted and started to talk trash to Flair, when Benoit turned his back on Page, DDP took him down. Later in the show Page collided with Benoit in a match. Benoit controlled the early going, but Page finally got his act together and started to dominated, but Benoit captured Page in the Crippler Crossface, when Bam Bam Bigelow to the rescue. The two then finished off Benoit with a combination of a Diamond Cutter and Greeting from Asbury Park, Flair also made his way down and delivered a low blow to Benoit.

At Nitro, May 31, Page and Bigelow attacked Raven, they stuffed him in a dumpster and slammed the lid on his head. Later Page and Bigelow demanded their shot at the title the same night, which was accepted by Saturn and Kanyon, since Raven was taken to hospital. Page also made some references to Hogan. DDP and Bigelow also took out Kanyon before the match took place, so it ended up being a handicap match against Saturn. The match was pretty good and Saturn fought well, during the match Kanyon returned, but Page floored him with a discus punch to take the victory and the WCW Tag Team Title.

At Thunder, DDP and Bam Bam came to the rescue of Flair, who was about to get pinned by Chris Benoit, Page and Bigelow then delivered the same move to Benoit as the week earlier.

At Nitro, June 7, Page and Bigelow went up against Ric Flair and Chris Benoit. It was clearly an attempt by Flair to get on Benoit, because when Benoit went for a tag, Flair withdrew his hand and left the ring. Saturn then came to the ring and he got the hot tag from Benoit, Saturn then nailed Page with the DVD to score the pinfall. Saturn and Benoit celebrated that they had won the title, and Kanyon also came to the ring, but he ended up nailing Saturn. DDP and Bigelow joined in on the beating, and together with Kanyon, Page and Bam Bam walked to the back with the belts.

At Thunder, June 10, it was announced that president Ric Flair had returned the WCW Tag Team Title to Page and Bigelow, since Saturn didn't have anything to do in the match. Page and Kanyon also delivered an interview where Page stated that either two men from the WCW's version of the Triple Threat, called the Triad, could defend the title. Later that night, DDP helped Kanyon in his match against Saturn, this brought out Benoit and the match was turned into a tag team affair for the WCW Tag Team Title. After the match had been in see-saw mode for a while, Benoit pinned Kanyon for the victory.

The Triad got a chance to recapture the belts at the Great American Bash, June 13. Page teamed up with Kanyon to take on Benoit and Saturn. Page and Kanyon worked very well together and dominated the match. After DDP had used the Diamond Cutter on Saturn, Benoit caught Kanyon in the Crippler Crossface, but Page and Bigelow beat him up and delivered their combination move, they then rolled Kanyon over Benoit to score the victory and the WCW Tag Team Title.

The Triad have worked well with President Ric Flair, they proved it the following day at Nitro, when they stopped Benoit and Saturn from helping Dean Malenko and Buff Bagwell, who were getting punked by Flair and his associates. Of course this lead to a match later that night between the team of Page, Kanyon, Flair, and Piper versus the team of Benoit, Malenko, Saturn and Bagwell. The match was pretty solid and went back and forth, with all the participants breaking up the pin attempts. The match ended when Buff pinned Flair.

The Triad is one awesome threesome and they proved it again on Nitro, June 21. When Kanyon had problems in his match against Booker T, Page and Bigelow came to the ring and took care of Booker. Later the Triad took on Rey Mysterio Jr. and Konnan, during the match the members of the Triad changed places when things didn't went their way. The match ended when Curt Hennig, Bobby Duncum, Jr., Barry Windham, and Kendall Windham attacked followed by Saturn and Benoit.

The next week on Nitro, the Triad took on Buff Bagwell and Dean Malenko. Again the triple teaming lived up to the expectations and won the match. Page also helped Bam Bam defeat Hak. At Thunder, Page went up against Saturn, the two had a great match. But even though Kanyon tried to help Page, it was Chris Benoit who nailed DDP with a diving headbutt to get Saturn the victory. The feud with Benoit and Saturn continued at Nitro, here the Triad lost to the Benoit, Saturn, and Malenko in a six man tag match. At Thunder, Kanyon lost to Chris Benoit, Page then evened the score by nailing Benoit with a Diamond Cutter.

At Bash at the Beach, the Triad made some mistakes - like blinding the wrong person, and nailing the wrong person, but still the Triad kept together and defeated Chris Benoit and Saturn in a good encounter.

Harlem Heat

The next night at Nitro, Page took on Booker T, and the worked an excellent match. However Booker T proved very strong, so Kanyon and Bam Bam Bigelow taped him to the top rope, which caused the disqualification, this brought Booker's brother Stevie Ray to the rescue, so it looks like the Triad will tussle with a reunited Harlem Heat.

At Nitro, July 19, Kanyon took on Stevie Ray, but of course Page and Bam Bam stuck their noses in the match, but when the Triad tried to tape him to the ropes, Booker T made the save.

It looks like the Triad will team with Ric Flair in his quest against the team of Shane Douglas, Dean Malenko, Chris Benoit and Saturn. At Thunder the Triad took care of Benoit and Saturn, who wanted to help out Malenko in his match against Flair, but Page, Kanyon and Bigelow took care of them and assisted Flair in his victory. At Nitro, July 26, Page helped David Flair defeat Benoit as he smacked Benoit with a tag team title belt, before the ring was flooded with members of each fraction.

At Thunder Diamond Dallas Page, Ric Flair, and Kanyon took on the trio of Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko and Saturn. The heels won after Bam Bam interfered, Shane Douglas then raced down, but at that time it was too late. The Triad also heated up their feud with Booker T and Stevie Ray at Thunder, as the two reformed the Harlem Heat. Nitro, July 2, the Triad went up against Harlem Heat in a non-title match, but as Page wanted to interfere, Chris Benoit raced down and stopped him, probably because Page had stated that David Flair was a better US Champion than Benoit would ever be, and because of some rather crude remarks about Benoit's mother. The two got it on later in a match, where both men showed what they are worth. David Flair made his way down during the match, but Benoit took care of him and shortly after rolled Page up for the victory. After the match Dallas and Flair took out their frustrations on Benoit.

At Thunder, Page started the evening by saving Bam Bam Bigelow from getting pinned by Booker T, this brought Booker's brother Stevie Ray to the ring, but together with David Flair, Page got him down. The Triad and Flair then had their fun by spraypainting the backs of Harlem Heat. Later in the evening Page went up against Chris Benoit, the match started rather sudden, when Dallas again blasted Benoit's mother. The match was much alike their encounter at Nitro, but this time David Flair threw in his US Title belt to Page, before he got pasted. Benoit then went for his Swan Dive Headbutt, but Page shielded himself with the belt and could then easily pin an unconscious Benoit.

At Nitro, August, David Flair lost his US Title to Chris Benoit, the Triad tried to interfere in time, but failed. After the match Page attacked, but after the attack Benoit challenged Page to a no DQ match at Road Wild and mocked DDP by stating that he would two time, two time, two time kick DDP's a$$.

At Road Wild, Kanyon and Bam Bam Bigelow went up against the Harlem Heat for the WCW Tag Team Title. The Triad members lost the match even though Page tried to interfere. Later Diamond Dallas Page clashed with Chris Benoit in the much anticipated no disqualification match for the US Title. Page dominated in the early going and used his belt to whip Benoit and later choke him. When Benoit started to get the initiative Kanyon and Bam Bam Bigelow made their way down, but Chris was able to handle the situation and won the match with the Swan Dive Headbutt.

During Nitro, August 16, Kidman was being interviewed, here the youngster proclaimed that Kimberly was his favourite Nitro Girl, this of course brought an enraged DDP to the ring to confront him. Page slapped Kidman and a match was underway. Diamond Dallas Page manhandled the cruiserweight, but didn't go for the pin, when Page was ready to finish the job - Kidman rolled him up for the victory. Page then took out his frustrations on Kidman, which brought Kimberly to the ring and after a while she escorted DDP to the back.

Page still has a job to finish with Kidman, whom he attacked on Nitro, August 23, until Goldberg arrived. Kanyon and Bam Bam then shoved up and they taunted Goldberg, but security intervened. Later in an interview Page challenged Goldberg to go one on one. Page had a plan for the match, so when Goldberg made his way out Bam Bam attacked him, but it had no affect. When Goldberg hit the ring, he made short work of Kanyon and Bigelow, while Page escaped through the crowd. Goldberg then challenged the entire Triad to a match.

At Thunder Page issued challenges left and right to Sting, Goldberg, and Hulk Hogan, later in the show DDP made short work of Chavo Guerrero.

At Nitro Page and the Triad interfered in a confrontation between Hogan and Sting, which later got Hogan to challenge DDP to a match, but he settled with teaming up with Goldberg against the Triad. The Triad had a solid match against the two faces, who ended up with a win in their column as Hogan pinned Bigelow, however Page got to Goldberg as he nailed him with a Diamond Cutter.

At Thunder, Diamond Dallas Page was set to rumble with Al Greene. Before the match Page stated that he would beat Goldberg at Fall Brawl, he then went on to state that Greene looked better than Goldberg, but then insulted Al?s mother. The match then went underway, but it didn?t last long for DDP to win the match.

Page teamed up with Rick Steiner and Sid on Nitro, September 6, to take on Hogan and Goldberg. Unfortunately Steiner and Sid left Page to fight on his own, when Sting hit the ring, so of course Page was pinned. At Thunder Bigelow took on Goldberg, it didn't went well even though Page interfered. After the match Page nailed Goldberg three times with a chair, but then made a run for it as Goldberg was getting up.

Diamond Dallas Page clashed with Goldberg at Fall Brawl, and tried to get the advantage by using foreign objects, but Goldberg knocked them out of hands. Page threatned to leave but Goldberg wouldn't let him. DDP used another foreign object, but Goldberg quickly regained the initiative, this brought the rest of the Triad members to the ring, Page then delivered the Diamond Cutter, but surprisingly Goldberg kicked out. Goldberg then took care of Bigelow and Kanyon, before he squashed Page. Dallas also interfered in the main event between Hogan and Sting, until Bret Hart took care of him.

The next night at Nitro, Page made his way out to the ring with a baseball bat during a contest pitting Sting and Luger against Hogan and Bret Hart. Hogan took care of Dallas but Luger used the bat on Bret Hart, so that Sting could pin him. Page then left together with Sting and Luger.

Page started his work at Nitro, September 22, when he helped Sting and Lex Luger, who were under attack by Ric Flair. The three continued their work on Flair, until Hogan made the save. Later in the show Page cut down Flair in an interview, stating that Flair was at the bottom at the food chain. Diamond Dallas Page clashed with Flair later in the evening, Flair started the match by attacking Page, while he was doing his entrance, but Page overwhelmed the old-timer and started dominating. Eventually Flair caught Page in the Figure Four Leglock, this got Sting to the ring, but he tasted the same move until Luger nailed Flair with a baseball bat, which lead to the disqualification.

At the September 27 edition of Nitro Sting, Total Package and DDP took on Bret Hart and Ric Flair took on in a match, which also was scheduled to involve Hulk Hogan, but due to Sting's attack he was taken to hospital. The Total Package used a baseball bat to choke out Bret, and then proceeded to whack Flair with it for the disqualification. The heels continued their punishment of the faces, until Hogan came to the rescue.

At Nitro, October 4, Page took on Buff Bagwell, before the match Page kissed Kimberly. DDP won the match with the Diamond Cutter. Page ended up feeling the Torture Rack as he interfered in a match involving Sting and the Total Package and Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan. Page wanted to take out Flair, but he countered and Page ended up in the Torture Rack.

At Halloween Havoc, Page had a lot of crude remarks towards Ric Flair - for being with Kimberly, he then challenged Ric to a Strap Match. Page and Flair had a good Strap Match, which got really bloody as Flair was busted open. Page won after he nailed Ric with a crowbar, which David Flair brought to the ring, but Page also took care of him.

The next night at Nitro, Page went up against David Flair, who used a crowbar to flatten out DDP. Dallas was then taken to hospital.

Page made his return at the WCW Mayhem pay-per-view, November 21, when he came to the aid of Kimberly, in her match against David Flair, who was the recipient of a Diamond Cutter.

It has been rumored that Page and Buff Bagwell have been in a legitimate fight, apparently they were fighting over Kimberly. Page has also tried to work out a deal with the WWF, but they wouldn't give him the money that WCW did. At Nitro, December 6, Page walked to the ring and nailed David Flair with the Diamond Cutter. Page then got on the microphone and stated that he was staying in WCW, he also said that someone who was close to him hadn't been loyal, so he was out for himself. Page then clashed with Sid. The big lummox nailed Page with a wicked powerbomb, this got the Outsiders, Chris Benoit, Jeff Jarrett and Bret Hart to the ring - calling the match a no contest.

At Thunder Page was doing commentary during a Bagwell match, the two ended up getting in a fight. Later DDP took on Sting, as Sting was getting ready to end the match, the Total Package ran down and nailed Sting with a baseball bat ? Page then hit a Diamond Cutter to get the victory.

At Nitro, December 13, the Powers that be signed Sting to team up with DDP to take on David Flair and the Total Package. After Page and Sting had decimated Flair, Sting and Page started brawling. The Total Package then walloped Sting with a crowbar, he then wanted to hit him with a chair, but Liz covered his body, so instead Flair took the chair and knocked out Luger, Sting then followed up with the pin.

At Thunder, Sting (Luger) was shown assaulting Diamond Dallas Page, later Page paid Sting back, as another Sting (Luger) was running away through an alternate exit in the building. Later DDP took on former partner Chris Kanyon. Page was dominant and hit the Diamond Cutter, but there was no referee, David Flair then came to the ring and nailed Page with a tire iron, so Kanyon got the win.

Page took on David Flair at Starrcade ?99 in a Crowbar on a Pole match. Page was knocked down in the beginning of the match and the referee David Penzer stated that DDP couldn?t continue. Diamond Dallas Page stated otherwise by decking Penzer. The young Flair was strangely enough in control of most of the match and got the crowbar, but as he went to nail Page, he missed, and DDP slapped on the Diamond Cutter to get the victory. But DDP wasn?t finished he delivered a second Diamond Cutter, but this time from the top rope. He also wanted to nail a low blow, but a young woman stopped Page and helped David to the back.

The next night at Nitro, Diamond Dallas Page faced his former Triad comrades (Kanyon and Bam Bam Bigelow) in a three-way dance. Page and Bigelow worked together to get Kanyon down, Page wanted to end the match with the Diamond Cutter, but Bigelow got the honors with his finishing move. DDP then applied the Diamond Cutter to Bam Bam and then jumped out of the ring ? kissed a girl at the front row and went to the back. Later Buff Bagwell talked about the rumors off him having an affair with Kimberly, this brought out Page and the two brawled until they were separated by security.

At Thunder, December 23, Diamond Dallas Page stated that he wanted Buff Bagwell in the ring, until then he wouldn't wrestle. 

At Nitro, January 3, Page was told that he would have to wait with his match against Bagwell till Souled Out. This didn't sit well with DDP who wanted to leave, but Curt Hennig told him that he would have to wrestle later, so Page went to the ring and put a Diamond Cutter on both members of PG-13 and then left. At Thunder, January 6, Page came to the ring and made some nasty comments about Buff Bagwell, who came to the ring and the two started brawling.

Diamond Dallas Page and Buff Bagwell were getting five minutes face to face at Nitro, January 10, but if it came to blows, they would be fined $50,000. Page tried to antagonise Buff, but Bagwell wouldn't give in. After Bagwell stated that all the wrestlers had seen Kimberly's birthmark, Page retaliated with a couple of punches, but as he turned to leave, Bagwell used a police baton and slapped Page while proclaiming his innocence.

At Souled Out on January 16, Diamond Dallas Page clashed with Buff Bagwell in a No Rules, No Referee, Last Man Standing Match. It was a wild brawl, which went all over the arena, at the WCW.com announcing table, where both Page and Buff used monitors to knock each other silly with. Back in the ring Bagwell hit the Blockbuster, but Page beat the ten count, this prompted Buff to used the riot baton on Page, but Page also hit the Diamond Cutter. The referee counted over both men, but Page was so exhausted that he couldn't beat the count, so Bagwell was declared the victor. Kimberly then came to ringside, this distracted Bagwell, so Page wailed him. Page and Kimberly then went to the back, but Kimberly kept glancing back at Buff.

Diamond Dallas Page and Buff Bagwell also clashed the next night at Nitro in a match where Kimberly served as the guest referee. The two men tore into each other, neither willing to give an inch, they went into the audience and back into the ring. Buff Bagwell went for the Blockbuster, but Page stopped him, but fell prey to another Blockbuster attempt. Buff accidentally struck Kimberly, this distracted Bagwell, so Page delivered a Diamond Cutter and scored the pin. As DDP celebrated, Kimberly left the ring.

Diamond Dallas Page took on Chris Kanyon at Thunder. The two former partners went toe to toe in a good match, which Page won with a Diamond Cutter from out of nowhere.

At Thunder, January 26, Kimberly stated in an interview that everything was cool between herself and DDP, but also with Buff as well, Page then came to the ring and pulled her out of the interview.

At Nitro, January 31, Diamond Dallas Page and Kimberly were being interviewed, during this Big Vito pinched the rear of Kimberly, when she turned around Disco Inferno was standing there, he got a slap from Kim. Page and Inferno then started fighting, which they took to the ring. In the ring Disco took the advantage, but he wanted to dance for Kim, so Page flattened him with the Diamond Cutter for the win.

Diamond Dallas Page have probably ruptured some disc in his back his, if this is true, Page will be out for quite a while.

At Nitro, March 27, Diamond Dallas Page made his return - not to the ring, but he talked about the movie Ready to Rumble as well as his intentions to become a three time WCW World Champion. Jeff Jarrett interrupted Page and the two had some unkind words for each other.

At Nitro, April 10, Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo, who are the men, who shall try to get WCW back in the ratings war, talked trash about the established stars, like Hogan, DDP, Sting, Kevin Nash, Ric Flair and others - the two more or less declared war on the established stars. Later Page took on Lex Luger in a four man tournament to determine, who would clash against Jeff Jarrett at Spring Stampede for the vacant WCW World Title. The two went back and forth, when Buff Bagwell made his way out and flirted with Kimberly, this of course distracted Page, but then Buff went over and kissed Elizabeth, which upset Luger, so DDP could hit the Diamond Cutter to win the match and advance to the final. In the final Diamond Dallas Page went up against Sting. Another good offering from the two ended when Sting's former allied Vampiro turned on him and hit the Nail in the Coffin, while this was going on Page was stopping Jeff Jarrett from harassing Kimberly. When DDP got back in the ring, he had no problems hitting the Diamond Cutter and win the match. After the match Jarrett tried to hit Page with a guitar, but DDP ducked and Jeff struck Kimberly instead. Page then carried her to the back. Jarrett then mocked Page and Kimberly, which got Page back to the ring, where he was assaulted by the New Blood - it ended with the New Blood in control.

At Thunder, April 12, Bischoff booked Kimberly to wrestle Madusa, but Page didn't want to involve Kim, so he challenged Bischoff to a match, but Eric instead made a crack a Kimberly, which got Page to go after him, but Bam Bam Bigelow stopped him - a brawl then broke out between the New Blood and the established stars. The match between Kim and Madusa took place, but Page separated the two, Madusa retaliated with some lethal kicks, so Page hit the Diamond Cutter. Later Page helped Sting win a match against the Villianos, when he Diamond Cut the third Villiano, who turned out to be Jeff Jarrett. Diamond Dallas Page and Bam Bam Bigelow later clashed in a match, when Page went for the Diamond Cutter, Eric Bischoff interfered, Page went after him, but Jarrett showed up and hit Page with a guitar. Kanyon tried to help, but was also taken out.

At Spring Stampede, Diamond Dallas Page clashed with Jeff Jarrett to determine a new WCW World Champion. It was a back and forth match were neither man was able to hold on to the initiative for long. Jarrett caught Page in the figure four leglock, but Page escaped and shortly after hit the Diamond Cutter, but Eric Bischoff distracted the referee. Kimberly then entered the ring with a guitar and it looked like she was going to hit Jeff with it, but instead she turned on Page and brained him with the guitar. Jarrett then applied his finisher and was crowned new WCW World Champion - Jarrett, Bischoff and Kimberly then all hugged.

The next night at Nitro, Jarrett challenged Page to a Triple Cage Match at Slamboree. Kimberly then stated that Page was a glory hog and only was in it for himself. Diamond Dallas Page then attacked, but the New Blood beat him down, until the riot squat turned out to be Ric Flair, Sting, and Lex Luger. Page later took on Mike Awesome, as Awesome was dominating - Kanyon jumped Awesome, but Kanyon proved no opposition for him. Kevin Nash's music hit the speakers, he the hit the ring and Jackknifed Awesome through a table.

At Nitro, April 24, Jarrett, Bischoff, and Kimberly made their way out. Kimberly wanted a divorce and had the papers with her. Page got upset and attacked Bischoff, but Jarrett nailed DDP with a guitar. David Arquette then ran in and attacked Bischoff, when Jeff started to work over David, Kanyon came to the rescue. Arquette then challenged Bischoff to a match with the stipulation that if he won, Page would get a shot at the WCW World Title later that night in a cage match. Arquette won the match and thereby Diamond Dallas Page had a chance to become a three time WCW World Champion. The two started the match by fighting through the crowd before they finally made it into the cage. Page had the upper hand before they entered the cage, while Jarrett was in control inside. As Jeff was mocking Page by signalling for the Diamond Cutter, Page got up and delivered the Diamond Cutter, but the referee couldn't make the three count as Mike Awesome was holding his arm - luckily Kanyon attacked Awesome, so the referee could make the three count. Page thereby became three time, three time, three time WCW World Champion.

Thunder kicked off with Jarrett coming out with David Arquette in a head lock, he proceeded to challenge DDP and Arquette to a tag match against himself and Eric Bischoff with the WCW World Title on line, whoever scored the pin got the WCW World Title. Page then ran to the ring to confront Kimberly and was about to deliver the Diamond Cutter, but had second thoughts, so Page ended up getting a low blow instead. Later DDP came to the rescue of Curt Hennig, who was being double teamed by Mike Awesome and Sean Stasiak, Page then accepted the challenge from Jarrett. Kimberly served as referee in the match, Page kissed her, but got clocked with the belt, Jarrett then covered Page, but in the meantimee Arquette speared Bischoff and a referee made the three count and Arquette was declared the new WCW World Champion.

At Nitro, May 1, Arquette stated that he would relinquish the title, but Eric Bischoff wouldn?t let him, instead Arquette would take on Tank Abbott. Page however stated that David didn?t had to, so Page and Abbott started fighting. Security broke them up and Abbott then stated that Arquette would get the night off, if Page could beat him. The match was a mighty brawl, the two men fought into the crowd, where Jeff Jarrett disguised as a fan, whacked Page in the head with a bottle, Page couldn?t make the ten count. In Abbott's match against Arquette, Diamond Dallas Page raced to the ring and helped David win the match.

At Thunder, the Millionaire?s club attacked Bischoff, Russo, Shane Douglas, and Buff Bagwell in the parking lot. This incident got Bischoff and Russo to book matches fought under New York rules, which meant no rules, and the wrestlers had to count their own pin fall. In Kanyon's match against Jeff Jarrett, DDP stormed down and nailed Jarrett with the Diamond Cutter, so Kanyon could easily score the pin fall. Later Page should tangle with Vampiro, but during Vampiro's entrance, Sting attacked him and poured a bucket of red liquid on him. Sting then dragged him to the ring, where DDP finished Vampiro off with the Diamond Cutter. The night ended with a battle royal for the right to face the WCW World Champion at the Great American Bash - Ric Flair ended up as the winner.

At Slamboree, DDP, Jeff Jarrett and David Arquette entered the triple cage to determine the WCW World Champion. DDP and Jarrett of course did most of the work, both men were busted open in the first cage. Mike Awesome came out, but he received a Diamond Cutter on top of the second cage. In the third cage there were four guitars, Page gave a guitar to Arquette and wanted him to smash Jarrett with it, but David turned on Page and hammered him with the guitar. Jarrett could then easily retrieve the belt. Mike Awesome wanted to powerbomb Page off the cage, but Kanyon came to the rescue, but then he was thrown off the cage.

The next night at Nitro, DDP was successful in Diamond Cutting David Arquette ? before the New Blood was over him, until Sting and Kronic came to the rescue. Later Diamond Dallas Page took on Mike Awesome in a stretcher match. Page had the upper hand, until Kimberly showed up and wanted the divorce papers signed, Awesome then got the advantage by basing Page with a chair. Awesome continue to use the chair, he then powerbombed DDP through a table and forced him to sign the divorce papers. Page was then wheeled to the back on the stretcher and Awesome was declared the winner.

At Nitro, May 15, DDP returned when he went out and hit Mike Awesome with the Diamond Cutter, during a match against Kevin Nash. Later Bischoff together with the Cat called out Page, DDP came out and took out both men, but Kimberly struck him with a steel chair. Then Sid came out and it looked like he was going to help Page, instead Sid Vicious delivered a chokeslam to Diamond Dallas Page.

At Nitro, May 22, Diamond Dallas Page attacked Mike Awesome in the backstage area. Page jumped out of an ambulance and whacked Awesome with a chair - DDP then threw Awesome in the ambulance and drove it away. Later DDP took on Chuck Palumbo, however it didn't last long before Mike Awesome came through the crowd, he nailed Page with a head apparatus, which Awesome had used earlier in the evening to mock Kanyon. Palumbo could then put Page in the Rack, so Page had to tap out. After the match Palumbo and Awesome continued to work on DDP, Lex Luger came to help, but he was taken care off too.

At Thunder, May 24, as Diamond Dallas Page was spanking Kimberly, Mike Awesome showed up on the Thundervision. Awesome was in Kanyon's hospital room, and Awesome promised to take good care of Kanyon.

At Nitro, May 29, it was announced that Kimberly had a restraining order on Diamond Dallas Page, so she cleaned the house of anything belonging to Page. During a match pitting Mike Awesome against G.I. Bro, Page came out and whacked Awesome with a chair, together with G.I. Bro, he then slammed the mammoth through a table and threw him in an ambulance. DDP and Awesome had another confrontation during the night, when Page ran to the ring to get to Kimberly, but Page was arrested, but Chuck Palumbo assaulted the policemen and Page, this got Lex Luger to the ring. Awesome then got back in the ring and started to beat on Page again, but Karl Malone got in the ring and delivered the Diamond Cutter to Awesome.

At Nitro, June 5, DDP got Kimberly to sign off the restraining order, with the help of Miss Hancock. Page and Hancock then took on Mike Awesome and Kimberly. Awesome pretty much dominated, but when Miss Hancock started hiking up her skirt, she had Awesome's attention, so Page delivered a Diamond Cutter to win the match. At Thunder, Page hit the ring during Awesome vs. Corporal Cajun, but Page was whacked in the head with Kanyon's head brace and then powerbombed through a table.

DDP took on Mike Awesome in an Ambulance match at the Great American Bash. Kanyon came out with DDP in a wheelchair. During the match Kimberly came out and whacked Page with a lead pipe, but Miss Hancock came out and dragged her to the back. Page got back in the match, when he executed a top rope Diamond Cutter. Page then went on to stuff Awesome in the ambulance, but then Bischoff nailed DDP with a chair, Kanyon then stood up and delivered a Flatliner off the stage through some tables. Awesome then put Page in the ambulance to win the match. Later Kanyon stated taht he turned on Page, because he never visited him in hospital.

The next night at Nitro, DDP came out and stated that neither Bischoff, Kimberly or Kanyon had believed in him as a wrestler. Page stated that wrestling had cost him his health, his friends, and his life, and it simply wasn't worth it anymore. He then got out of the ring and walked into the crowd. This is an excuse to get Page some time off to heal his neck injury.

The return

At Nitro, November 6, Diamond Dallas Page returned to WCW television, where he stated that it was the fan support, which made him return to the ring. Some guys from the TV show Battle Dome then issued a challenge. Page called out Rick Steiner, Buff Bagwell, and the Cat - a brief scuffle then ensued before the two teams were separated.

At Nitro, November 20, Kevin Nash came out and stated that he had 13 months left on his contract - he then said that he had some one to watch his back, a man who he trusts. The Thrillers then came out and jumped him, but then the man, whom Nash had spoken about Diamond Dallas Page came out to the rescue.

At Thunder, November 22, Diamond Dallas Page took on Shawn Stasiak in a lumberjack match. It didn?t take long before the lumberjacks fought to the back - this brought out the rest of the Thrillers and of course Kevin Nash - Stasiak however hit Page with a foreign object, Nash however pulled the referee to the outside, so Page hit the Diamond Cutter, but then Chuck Palumbo nailed him with a chair, so Stasiak rolled on top and won the match.

At Mayhem, November 26, Nash and Page took on Chuck Palumbo and Shawn Stasiak for the WCW Tag Team Title - the rest of the Thrillers made their way out as security, but it didn?t take long before they were escorted to the back. Page and Nash dominated for most parts of the match and when Nash hit the Jackknife on Stasiak and Page delivered the Diamond Cutter to Palumbo and Mike Sanders, the win was registered and new WCW Tag Team Champion were declared.

The next night at Nitro, Nash and Page gave a shout out to Scott Hall, who now is working in ECW. They called their team the Insiders. The Thrillers of course came out and stated that they should retire. The Insiders then took on Mark Jindrak and Sean O?Haire from the Thrillers. It was a good match, but when Page had hit the Diamond Cutter, Sanders pulled out the referee - Kevin then wanted to Jackknife Sanders, but then the Thrillers came out and beat the champions and then walked away with the titles.

At Nitro, December 4, Nash and DDP took on 3 Count, who were more or less humiliated by the Insiders. After the match Mike Sanders came out and stated that the Insiders were stripped of the titles since Nash pinned the wrong man. Ric Flair then came out and signed a rematch for Starrcade.

At Nitro, December 12, the Insiders clashed against the Perfect Event and Jindrak and O'Haire in a three way dance. The Insiders of course had their difficulties against the heels, but they were on route to victory, when Nash was knocked out cold, Page came to the rescue, but he was also knocked out and so Palumbo could score the win for the Perfect Event. At Thunder, DDP should take on Mike Sanders, before the match the rest of the Natural Born Thrillers attacked Nash in the locker room - knocking him out cold. Page then had to deal with all of the Thrillers, before they overcame him.

At Starrcade, December 11, the Insiders took on Shawn Stasiak and Chuck Palumbo for the WCW Tag Team Title. It was a tough fight and Nash and Page worked well together. During the match Jindrak and O'Haire came down, but Page and Kevin took care of them. Nash then Jackknifed Palumbo to get the win and the WCW Tag Team Title. The next night at Nitro, Page and Scott Steiner had a confrontation in the back, after Steiner had shot Page down in an interview - the two will never work against each other, since Steiner was the reason, that Kimberly left WCW. Because of the incident the Insiders left the arena. 

At Nitro, January 8, The Insiders participated in a Massacre Match against the Natural Born Thrillers. After a beatdown, the Insiders came back with a Diamond Cutter on Palumbo and a powerbomb on O'Haire to win the match.

At Thunder, the Insiders teamed up with General Rection to take on Kronik and the Thrillers. It didn't take long before the rest of the Thrillers hit the ring and they brawled with the Insiders to the back.

At Sin, January 14, the Insiders clashed against Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire. It was a good match, which featured a lot of hot action, but due to the interference from Buff Bagwell and Lex Luger, whom hit Nash with a wrench, O'Haire then hit the Seanton bomb to get the win.

At Thunder, Diamond Dallas Page took on Jeff Jarrett, a good match, but as usual it ended when Ric Flair's clan hit the ring - as Thunder went off the air Page's allies hit the ring.

At Nitro, Diamond Dallas Page took on Lex Luger in a match to determine the referee in a match pitting Nash against Buff Bagwell. After a back and forth match Luger took the win. DDP came down during the match featuring Nash and Bagwell, he Diamond Cut the referee Lex Luger, and when Nash hit the Jackknife, Page used Luger's hand to make the three count. 

  • Starrcade 1991, December 29.
  • Bill Kazmaier and Jushin Liger defeated Diamond Dallas Page and Mike Graham.
  • Clash of the Champions XVIII, January 21, 1992.
  • P.N. News defeated DDP.
  • SuperBrawl II, February 29, 1992.
  • Big Josh defeated Diamond Dallas Page.
  • Wrestle War 1992, May 17.
  • DDP and Tommy Rich defeated Bob Cook and Firebreaker Chip.
  • Beach Blast, June20, 1992.
  • The Junkyard Dog, Tom Zenk, and Big Josh defeated the team of DDP, Ricky Morton, and Tracey Smothers.
  • Halloween Havoc, October 25, 1992.
  • Erik Watts and Van Hammer defeated Diamond Dallas Page and Vinnie Vegas.
  • SuperBrawl IV, February 20, 1994.
  • Terry Taylor defeated Diamond Dallas Page.
  • Spring Stampede, April 17, 1994.
  • Johnny B. Badd defeated Diamond Dallas Page.
  • Great American Bash, June 18, 1995.
  • In an Arm Wrestling contest, Dave Sullivan defeated DDP.
  • Bash at the Beach, July 16, 1995.
  • Diamond Dallas Page defeated Dave Sullivan.
  • Clash of the Champions XXXI, August 6, 1995.
  • Diamond Dallas Page defeated Alex Wright.
  • Fall Brawl, September 17, 1995.
  • DDP defeated Renegade to win the TV Title.
  • Halloween Havoc, October 29, 1995.
  • Johnny B. Badd defeated DDP to win the TV Title.
  • World War 3, November 26, 1995.
  • Johnny B. Badd defeated Diamond Dallas Page.
  • SuperBrawl VI, February 11, 1996.
  • Johnny B. Badd defeated Diamond Dallas Page.
  • Uncensored, March 10, 1996.
  • The Booty Man defeated Diamond Dallas Page in a Loser Leaves WCW match.
  • Slamboree, May 19, 1996.
  • The Barbarian and DDP defeated Meng and Hugh Morrus.
  • The Barbarian and DDP defeated Rick Steiner and the Booty Man.
  • DDP won the Battle Bowl.
  • Great American Bash, June 16, 1996.
  • Diamond Dallas Page defeated Marcus Bagwell.
  • Bash at the Beach, July 7, 1996.
  • In a Taped Fist Match, DDP defeated Jim Duggan.
  • Clash of the Champions XXXIII, August 15, 1996.
  • Eddy Guerrero defeated DDP.
  • Fall Brawl, September 15, 1996.
  • Diamond Dallas Page defeated Chavo Guerrero Jr.
  • Halloween Havoc, October 27, 1996.
  • DDP defeated Eddy Guerrero.
  • World War 3, November 1996.
  • DDP enters the battle royal, but is eliminated.
  • Starrcade, December 29, 1996.
  • In the US Title Tournament Final, Eddy Guerrero defeated DDP.
  • Souled Out, January 26, 1997.
  • Scott Norton defeated DDP by count out.
  • SuperBrawl VII, February 22, 1997.
  • DDP defeated Marcus Bagwell.
  • Spring Stampede, April 14, 1997.
  • Diamond Dallas Page defeated Randy Savage.
  • Great American Bash, June 15, 1997.
  • In a Lights Out Match, Randy Savage defeated DDP.
  • Bash at the Beach, July 13, 1997.
  • Randy Savage and Scott Hall defeated DDP and Curt Hennig, when Hennig turned on DDP.
  • Road Wild, August 10, 1997.
  • Curt Hennig defeated Diamond Dallas Page.
  • Clash of the Champions XXXV, August21, 1997.
  • Randy Savage and Scott Hall defeated DDP and Lex Luger.
  • Fall Brawl, September 24, 1997.
  • Lex Luger and DDP defeated Randy Savage and Scott Hall.
  • Halloween Havoc, October 26, 1997.
  • Randy Savage defeated DDP by count out.
  • World War 3, November 23, 1997.
  • DDP enters the battle royal but is eliminated.
  • Starrcade, December 28, 1997.
  • Diamond Dallas Page defeated Curt Hennig to win the US Title.
  • SuperBrawl VIII, February 1998.
  • DDP defeated Chris Benoit to retain the US Title.
  • Uncensored, March 1998.
  • Diamond Dallas Page defeated Raven and Chris Benoit in a Triple Threat Match to retain the US Title.
  • Spring Stampede, April 19, 1998.
  • Raven defeated DDP to win the WCW US Title.
  • Slamboree, May 17, 1998.
  • Dallas defeated Raven in a Bowery Death Match in an enclosed Cage.
  • Bash at the Beach, July 12, 1998.
  • Hogan and Dennis Rodman defeated DDP and Karl Malone.
  • Road Wild, August 8, 1998.
  • DDP and Jay Leno defeated Hollywood Hogan and Eric Bischoff.
  • Fall Brawl, September 1998.
  • Diamond Dallas Page entered the War Games Match, and won when he pinned Stevie Ray.
  • Halloween Havoc, October 25, 1998.
  • Goldberg defeated DDP.
  • World War III, November 22, 1998.
  • DDP defeated Bret Hart to retain the title.
  • Starrcade 98, December 27.
  • Page defeated the Giant.
  • SuperBrawl IX, February 21, 1999.
  • Scott Steiner defeated DDP.
  • Spring Stampede, April 11, 1999.
  • Page defeated Ric Flair, Hollywood Hogan, and Sting in a four way dance to win the WCW World Title.
  • Slamboree, May 9, 1999.
  • Kevin Nash defeated Page to win the WCW World Title.
  • Great American Bash, June 13, 1999.
  • DDP and Kanyon defeated Chris Benoit and Saturn to win the WCW Tag Team Title.
  • Bash at the Beach, July 11, 1999.
  • The Triad defeated Benoit and Saturn to retain the WCW Tag Team Title.
  • Road Wild, August 14, 1999.
  • Chris Benoit defeated Diamond Dallas Page to retain the WCW US Title.
  • Fall Brawl, September 12, 1999.
  • Goldberg defeated Page.
  • Halloween Havoc, October 24, 1999.
  • Diamond Dallas Page defeated Ric Flair in a Strap Match.
  • Starrcade ?99, December 19.
  • Diamond Dallas Page defeated David Flair in a Crowbar on a Pole Match.
  • Souled Out, January 16, 2000.
  • Buff Bagwell defeated Diamond Dallas Page in a No Rules, No Referee, Last Man Standing Match.
  • Spring Stampede, April 16, 2000.
  • Jeff Jarrett defeated Diamond Dallas Page to win the WCW World Title.
  • Slamboree, May 7, 2000.
  • Jeff Jarrett bested DDP an David Arquette in the triple cage match to win the WCW World Title.
  • Great American Bash, June 11, 2000
  • Mike Awesome defeated DDP in an Ambulance match.
  • Mayhem, November 26, 2000
  • Diamond Dallas Page and Kevin Nash defeated the Perfect Event to win the WCW Tag Team Title.
  • Starrcade, December 17, 2000.
  • Kevin Nash and Diamond Dallas Page defeated Shawn Stasiak and Chuck Palumbo to win the WCW Tag Team Title.
  • Sin, January 14, 2001.
  • Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire defeated the Insiders to win the WCW Tag Team Title.
  • Diamond Dallas Page won the WCW TV Title when he defeated Renegade at Fall Brawl, September 17, 1995.
  • At Halloween Havoc, October 29, 1995, Johnny B. Badd defeated Page to lift the title. 
  • Starrcade, December 28, 1997, DDP defeated Curt Hennig to win the WCW US Title.
  • Raven defeated DDP to win the title, Spring Stampede, April 19, 1998. 
  • Diamond Dallas Page defeated Bret Hart to win the WCW US Title for a second time, Nitro, October 26, 1998.
  • Bret Hart regained the title, November 30, 1998. 
  • Spring Stampede, April 11, 1999, in a four way dance Diamond Dallas Page defeated Ric Flair, Hollywood Hogan, and Sting to capture the WCW World Title.
  • At Nitro, April 26, 1999, DDP was forced to take on Sting and lost the title. 
  • Diamond Dallas Page recaptured the WCW World Title from Sting in a four way dance, where also Goldberg and Kevin Nash participated, Nitro - April 26, 1999.
  • Slamboree, May 9, 1999, Kevin Nash defeated DDP. 
  • Nitro, May 31, 1999. Page and Bam Bam Bigelow defeated Saturn and Kanyon (substituted for Raven) to capture the WCW Tag Team Title.
  • On Nitro, June 7, Page and Bigelow lost to the team of Chris Benoit and Saturn, even though the team started up as Benoit and Ric Flair.
  • At Thunder, June 10, it was announced that Ric Flair had returned the belts to Page and Bigelow.
  • Later that night a singles match between Kanyon and Saturn turned into a tag team affair between Page and Kanyon against Benoit and Saturn. Benoit and Saturn won the match and the WCW Tag Team Title. 
  • Page and Kanyon defeated Chris Benoit and Saturn at the Great American Bash to win the WCW Tag Team Title.
  • Road Wild, August 14, 1999, Harlem Heat defeated Kanyon and Bam Bam Bigelow to win the WCW Tag Team Title. 
  • Nitro, April 24, 2000, Diamond Dallas Page defeated Jeff Jarrett in a cage match to win the WCW World Title.
  • David Arquette pinned Eric Bischoff in a special tag team match, pitting DDP and Arquette against Jeff Jarrett and Bischoff, to win the WCW World Title, April 26, 2000 (taped April 25).
  • The Insiders (Kevin and Diamond Dallas Page) defeated the Perfect Event (Chuck Palumbo and Shawn Stasiak) to win the WCW Tag Team Title at Mayhem, November 26, 2000.
  • The Insiders were stripped of the title, since Nash pinned the wrong man at Mayhem.
  • Kevin Nash and Diamond Dallas Page defeated Shawn Stasiak and Chuck Palumbo to win the WCW Tag Team Title, Starrcade, December 17, 2000.
  • Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire defeated the Insiders to win the WCW Tag Team Title, at Sin, January 14, 2001.