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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

DDP Tv Wrasslin Wednesdays episode 8 Arm Wres Evan Sullivan

Today I talk about what happened after I got fired from WCW back 1992 and what happened when I came back and what I did in 1993... This is the beginning of my angle with Evad Sullivan which as I look back was actually pretty Damn entertaining... You're thoughts?

This is a highlight reel of the Arm Wrestling Angle that lead to the feud with EVAD ... Btw EVAD was dyslexic ... EVAD spelled backwards is DAVE

9:05 Saturday morning Wrestling on TBS this is the show I got to do my thing... I actually really enjoyed watching this again... EVAD was such a Great guy... he had a HUGE heart ... You truly wouldn't hurt a fly... I also love Kim's expressions in this scene... you said so much with out saying anything at all... This is going to be a lot of fun ... I hope you enjoy it as well:) DDP

Monday, July 26, 2010

Hey Guys I just launched a Brand New Diamond Dallas Page site @ www.DiamondDallasPage.com If you come by you'll get to see my Actors, Inspirational Speaker, YRG Fitness, Team YRG, Personality, Old School DDP Wrestling site from 1999, DDP Tv, YRG Radio and most importantly you can subscribe to my Da Real DDP video blogs... This new DDP site is a one stop shop... Did I say it's FREE:) All the info is in the Video Blog below... Oh Yeah You can also sign up on my new mailing list as well... As always it's been your Pleasure...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

DDP Tv Wrasslin Wednesdays this week episode 5 Kevin NASH

This is my blog about how Kevin Nash and my Paths Crossed...

I have been very fortunate to have made many good friends in the world of Professional Wrestling but never have I met or had the privilege to get to know anyone like Kevin Nash... The wit... The rap... The looks... The size... In OUR business Nobody can touch him... he's in a class all his OWN and that's a shoot:) I swear to you one night while we were on the road we walked into a strip club for a beer and the ladies gave him a Standing Ovation ... Yes I walked in with him but the Ovation was for him:) Big Sexy... Ha! Yes the ladies Love this guy! I called him the locker room Lawyer because the SOB was so smart that No one and I seriously mean NO ONE could back him to a corner and if by chance someone to took liberties with him in or out of the ring (and I only saw it one time:) he would (in front of everyone) literally shove his boot right up their ass... Ha! Nash was and is to this day gentle Giant but if you f*ck him he can be Very Scary:) Today Nash and I are as close as ever and we constantly share secretes how we Hold Back the Hands of Time... the video below is how OUR paths crossed edited by Dylan Frymer.

If you really wanna see where we started watch this match all the way through... I guess you could see how nobody really believe in Nash or Page but WE did! WE believed in Ourselves and the rest is History! I still can't believe this Tough Son Of a Bitch is still hitting the road at 51 God Bless Him! Damn right!


Monday, July 12, 2010

DDP Tv Wrasslin Wednesdays this weeks Feature Scott Hall episode

DDP on time spent with Scott Hall episode 4

PART 2 Episode 4a

This is an amazing video tribute done by my buddy Dylan did of the journey my brother Scott Hall and I took from 1990 - 2001 ... Pretty crazy


What happens when you set Goals!

Hey Guys this is one of my young YRG Warriors who set a Goal to stay in Black Crowe for 60 seconds... I wanted to put this blog up because I'm very impressed what this young man set out to do and achieve by setting this goal... I feel I must also tell you the first time I saw someone do this particular position I thought to myself ... Wow how is this guy doing this... I actually thought for a moment... Man I'll never be able to do that one... Ha! Of course I did master it though hard work and today it is part of my practice but Trust me it is still challenging:)
Here's Brett W's version.

After I saw this on video on my www.TeamYRG.com site it Inspired me to show Brett where could that Black Crow position could go with with a lot more Hard Work... I thought some of you might find this interesting and maybe even a little inspirational:)


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

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Next WEEK I'll be talking about how Scott Hall and I got together in WCW... I'm only an inch or two shorter than Scotty but as you can see I always spread my legs apart so he would look that much Huger!

Yes there were Black Diamond Dolls before Angella:) I bought these lovely ladies out the night the Birds won the World Title from Doom... My second World Champion Tag Team!

Actually when I stopped managing the Birds it was HUMPERDINK in this case Big Daddy Dink
that took the reigns!

Gives this about 30 to Heat up because that's when PS Hayes get on the mic at 26 years old to cut a promo on the Nature Boy in his Prime... I told you the brother could Walk the Talk!

I only have one piece of the Birds in this video because that all we could find but it will get you ready for next week when I talk about how Scott Hall and I got together

BA Double D BADD!