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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

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Next WEEK I'll be talking about how Scott Hall and I got together in WCW... I'm only an inch or two shorter than Scotty but as you can see I always spread my legs apart so he would look that much Huger!

Yes there were Black Diamond Dolls before Angella:) I bought these lovely ladies out the night the Birds won the World Title from Doom... My second World Champion Tag Team!

Actually when I stopped managing the Birds it was HUMPERDINK in this case Big Daddy Dink
that took the reigns!

Gives this about 30 to Heat up because that's when PS Hayes get on the mic at 26 years old to cut a promo on the Nature Boy in his Prime... I told you the brother could Walk the Talk!

I only have one piece of the Birds in this video because that all we could find but it will get you ready for next week when I talk about how Scott Hall and I got together

BA Double D BADD!

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