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Friday, February 12, 2010

Da Real DDP Friday blog 2/12/10

In today's blog I talk about my up coming trip to NYC, Baltimore and Texas... How I really feel about Carnie Wilson's baking habits... Ha! and my up coming trip to Atlanta to do a Fanfest for Promolasts Events... and the YRG transformation of Diva Dawn Marie


Zach Evans said...

Hey dallas! I love following your blog!! I especially love that you're putting inspirational quotes on the end of your blogs. I just thought I'd share with you one that is in the same vein as what you have been sharing:

"Non quid astra et terris via" --Seneca the younger.

That means "There is no easy way from the earth to the stars." I think that holds true today, even though seneca the younger is a long dead Roman. You can't get where you want to go in your life, career, etc, without hard work.

Take care dallas!


DDP said...

I agree bro Work Ethic = Results ... Plain and Simple!

Stacey said...

Hey Dallas - Take a bite of the Big Apple for me! Love the baking blog. You really were in orbit for a few minutes. Angella hit it right on the head - I hope Carnie realizes she doesn't have to give up baking! I bake G-Free and LOVE it. Oh, did I mention I'm down 135pounds after going g-free? And doing YRG of course :)

Danny said...

Hey Bro,

Watched the clip and I gotta agree man. I may not have the greatest (or any) self control when it comes to eating healthy and working out, but if you're serious about getting in shape and you're gonna be baking stuff like that... don't sample the product!

Thechairman said...

Yo D, I've been doing YRG since the book. I think that you have all the reason in the world to go to the yoga convention. Yeah I know YRG isn't really yoga anymore, but yoga is the foundation or one of them at least. It's kinda like how the Rock evolved beyond Rocky Maivia but he still kept the name or HHH isn't really the same character as the original Hunter Hearst Helmsley but he kept the name so the connection is still there. But one thing I have to clarify with you is your statement that YRG incorporates mixed martial arts. You say that on every show you appear. I know we do punches but that ain't exactly MMA to me! I mean it's not a massive big deal to me as you're trying to sell the product, but I don't want people to start doing YRG thinking they're gonna learn how to do rear naked chokes and groundfighting.

Anonymous said...

Chairman, I had to laugh when I read your comment. Dallas says that it has elements of Martial Arts, not MIXED martial arts.. lol!!

DDP said...

Chairman Dito the above comment bro... but please keep it coming... Have you done EXploding Knee yet bro... that's right out of Tito Ortiz's workouts... plus I have many more to come in up and coming YRG workouts but it still comes down they're just other elements... If you have suggestions how something can mix please put up a video on Team YRG I would LOVE TO SEE any ideas you have my friend... you are a member of Team YRG right ?

Thechairman said...

Yo D, exploding knees are da BANG!! Man, you know what, since I started doing YRG before there was a team YRG, I never felt the need to join. I'm a DIYer, just like to learn and figure it out myself. But keep up w/ the vid blog it's pretty cool.

DDP said...

Hey bro if you ever wanna join just send me your email and I'll send you a password... we have a lot of very cool people their all working to keep each other inspired!

Jim said...

Brother, You asked for comments so I'm giving you some. YOU WILL NOT SUCCEED with her until you are both on the same page!

YOU are in 7th gear she is in 1st. That is why you intimidate her. YRG is about working at your own level. She have been a success story but she's not where she was. Push her, but not to the breaking point. And tell her to get serious!

Re: the Baking! There is a reason alcoholics Should Not own liquor stores!

"Dallas doesn't understand, I have a lot going on in my life right now." You tell her I said, "Excuses are the tools of Loser"!

Stay safe Brother,
Fireman Jimbo.
YRG=Fit for LIFE!

Thechairman said...

Yo D: I'll send you my email. With regard to Carnie, well, I gotta say, you know how to pick 'em! But it's kinda like that The Haney Project:Charles Barkley. They wouldn't be doing a show with someone who was already good. But I like the Dawn Marie example. Course she's nowhere as big as Carnie is/was but it shows what you can do. But you already know that Carnie is the type to fall off the wagon. She's already had the gastric bypass and the weight still came back.

Jenn said...

So okay I truly beleive thay she needs to step away from the oven, I totally agree with you dallas. She needs a new hobby all together, baking is okay but even after she learns to bake healthier she is still not intaking what the body needs. You get what you put in. It is like if you are a smoker, and you put down the cig's.... but you pick up a cigar. She still needs to work with portions and a great work out, something that is progressive.... plug, plug, shameless plug...lol okay dallas totally checked it out and going to try it. What Carnie needs is to not have thing sugar coated for her... Get her heavy but some coffin shaped baking pans.

Tyler said...

I was laughing my @$$ off when you were comparing her baking to crack. Classic bro! You were right on though...she will never succeed long term until she stops baking that s**t. Tell Ang she looks great on the show! You're a lucky guy my friend

- Tyler Page

Arthur said...


You're right. I don't see how she can possibly make positive change when she persists in clinging to negative habits. Worse, she's modeling those negative bahaviors for her kids. If she's not careful, she's going to make her husbgand a widower and leave her girls without a mom.

Gee, that sounds like something someone said to me one night. hmmm..........

Anonymous said...

Wow DDP! Awesome video blogs!
I totally agree with you on Carnie's cooking! If she doesn't think G-free baking is good, give her a box of Betty Crocker Devils Food G-Free. They make it now! It was great! I thought of you and Angie and bought it to try it. Definitely worth it. Wasn't Angie making a cooking book for G-Free? I could soo use that right now! lol!
Keep it going DDP!