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Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Rehabbing of DDP www.DaRealDDP.com

Before knee surgery...
I am documenting The Rehabbing of DDP to show you how I healed myself after surgery using surgery, medicine and YRG... I shot this video the day before I left for surgery.

Day 1
For starters I can't THANK my girl Angella enough for being my Angel at home... Taking care of me while I was home just after I first injured my knee on the set of "Pizza Man"... As you can imagine I can be a little bit of pain in the ass when I'm injured:) Ha! Ok that's an Understatement! But Ang always takes care me just the same... Thanks babe

That being said I especially WANT to THANK Terri for being my Angel on the road at my home away from home Atlanta!!! As some of you know Terri is considered the GOD MOTHER of YRG... She is the very first member of Team YRG because she was the very first person I helped OWN HER LIFE again! If you don't know who Terri is just search Terri Lange on Team YRG and you'll find her... Terri's story has helped many members of Team YRG because she is truly inspirational and caring person... She's like sister to me and we have always been there for each other... but over the last 50 some odd hours she has gone far and beyond where most friends would go... She started by picking me up at Yogadoc's (where I normally stay while in Atlanta) and taking to the hospital... Then she waited for me while Dr. Armstrong (who has scoped both of my shoulders and now both knees) scoped my left knee... Then she took me back to her home... ICED me and feed and basically waited on me hand and foot for over 2 days... We had a lot of fun times which I'll share with you over these next couple of blogs... I'm sure I got out there just in time... As we all know we don't want to over stay your welcome...

These videos below are 8 hours after surgery... I wanted you to see my range of motion right out of surgery... the reason there are 2 different videos is because Terri stopped me at some point to make sure I wasn't doing anything to hurt what I just fixed... the funny part was ... I wanted you to hear what she was saying... That's why I'm journaling this Rehab... The reason I wanted you to hear what Terri to say was because she's not just a massage therapist she is also an RN nurse and knows her shit... anyway when I start up the video camera again... I didn't really focus on her face till the end... remember I'm all pilled up on Pain Killers... Ha! So just expect the camera work to be Brutal... Ha:) but you may want to hear what she has to say... just in case you are rehabbing your knee after surgery.

This is part 1b please excuse my brutal camera work... Ha!

Day 2 Update from Terri home... I told you she really pampered me:)

Rehabbing DDP... PAIN middle of the night www.DaRealDDP.com 5/11/10 Day 9

Hey Guys I'm taking my Da Real DDP .com video blogs to the next level... Raw... Totally Raw! If screw up I going to do what did when I wrestled I'm just going to keep the film gong... if interrupts I'm going to Adapt and keep moving forward... if something happens that has to do with something I've been blogging about what ever condition I'm in I'm just to going start video blog it... RAW BABY... as you see I don't look my best in this video... Ha! That's and understatement.... I woke up 2:39am in the middle of the night on my 9 day of Rehabbing my left knee in excruciating PAIN... let me just say that again... EXCRUCIATING PAIN... I didn't start filming to close to 10 minutes after I woke because I was in what I call a self induced Coma... Ha! While I was trying function I started thinking I should blog this... it may help someone under the same circumstances not be so Stupid ... it's funny NOW but if I would have filmed the first 10 minutes of me going through this ordeal I might have ruin my tough guy imagine... Ha! I sounded like a little bitch... Trust me I was in Monster Pain... anyway enough blah blah blah... it's finally feeling better and hopefully I'll get back to sleep... I have two more radio interviews today for my new YRG Fitness System.... Check me out on The CowHead Radio at 4 am on ESPN today... I can't remember what my 11am show is I'm doing because my buddy Joe Gomez set it up for me... I'll fill you in later today... Have a great day Guys... DDP

I'll be keeping you posted.


diana from fla said...

hope you feel better soon!!! breakfast in bed..you go..!! survey says....whatca hiding under the pillow!!??? LOL

Jeremy G. said...

hey bro, hope the pain goes away. Hang in there.