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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

News already coming out about Pizza MAN!


Wrasslin Wednesdays... Slamboree interview

wrasslin Wednesdays... Savage NWO / DDP interviews leading to Bash at the Beach!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Da Real DDP goes off on a video Rant about being a Warrior!

In this Rant I talk about what it takes to be a Warrior...

71 year old man Kicks DDP's A$$

Watch 71 year old Ted Evans as he attempts to Take Down DDP in his own game the 10 second YRG Warrior push up... This is Good ONE!

Disabled Veteran Arthur Boorman Walks again... They are calling Arthur the Greatest Transformation in Fitness History

Watch Arthur Boorman's amazing journey -- filmed and edited by his 19-year-old son Warren -- as he sets a goal to walk again and to reclaim his life. An Army veteran who was hurt in the first Gulf War, Arthur suffered for 15 years with the effects of a botched surgery that left him unable to walk without the assistance of leg braces and canes. By February 2007, he had ballooned to 297 pounds and, by his own admission, was waiting to die. In looking for a yoga program to alleviate some of his constant pain, Arthur found the YRG workout created by Diamond Dallas Page. He gained inspiration and strength from DDP and other members of Team YRG to propel him toward his goal -- "I Will Walk Again!" -- and, ultimately, to blow past it. Watch here as Arthur vividly demonstrates that life is not about how many times you fall down -- it's about how many times you get up.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Da Real DDP Blog 3/7/10 DDP just on a Rant about Nothing... Ha!

Kevin Palmer does YRG in Japan... Sweet!

Team YRG member teaching YRG in Japan speaking Japanese... I know most of you won't care all that much but this was very cool for me to watch... YRG will Change the World!!! DDP

Friday, March 5, 2010

UFC Signs Boxing Champion James Toney, Debut Date Uncertain

Via http://www.mmafighting.com

After a long period of off-again, on-again courtship, the UFC has pulled the trigger and signed 41-year-old boxing championJames Toney.

UFC President Dana White confirmed the signing to MMA Fighting after it was first reported by FiveOuncesofPain.com.

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Da Real DDP rant about the begining of March Macho Man Madness Month PWI 1997 Feud of the YEAR

In this rant 3/3/10 I talk about the beginning of the PWI 1997 Feud of the YEAR with Randy Macho Man Savage! But before we start that feud of I have to talk about who brought DDP to the dance and that would be NASH & HALL... It was the NWO's Scott Hall and Kevin Nash who got the fires burning under DDP and got him ready for Savage... Thanks Guys DDP

Mean Gene want to talk about the NWO trying to recruit DDP

Before I start what this is I have to say I LOVE MEAN GENE!!! Mean Gene interviews me wanting to talk to me about the NWO trying to recruit me to ma to become a member of the NWO... I only wanna talk about World War 3

DDP Bangs the NWO's Hall and Nash

New Orleans Super Dome ... DDP Bangs NWO!

Savage first ATTACK of DDP