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Sunday, November 20, 2005


Hey Cutters...
First, I want to extend my sincere condolences to the family of Eddie Guerrero. Eddie was unquestionably an underdog at every level and an incredible over achiever. Eddie showed that anything is possible. He achieved every dream he ever sought after overcoming all obstacles. He was one of my favorite people in and out of the ring. As a matter of fact, it was Eddie Guerrero who helped escalate my career. It was my feud with Eddie that put me in front of the wrestling audience as a serious competitor. But more importantly he helped me make a believer of the boys in the back... Thank you Eddie for that I will never forget you. Eddie was such an unbelievable talent that you automatically elevated your game every time you stepped into the ring with him. Not only was hea good guy out of the ring, but he was a straight shooter in the ring. You could trust him, which in our business says everything. You will be sorely missed, my friend. God bless you and your family.
The media tour for my new book starts this week. I will be guest hosting my buddy Mancow's radio show Wednesday morning, the day before Thanksgiving. Mancow's Morning Madhouse is a great syndicated radio show out of Chicago that I love. Check out their official website at Mancow.com.
I know you haven't heard much from me lately because I have been crazy busy ... Even for me. I've just finished filming Danny Trejo's movie “Jack's Law”which will hopefully make the Sundance Film festival. From “Jack’s Law”I went right to Tim Sullivan's “Driftwood”. Think of “Driftwood”as an attitude adjustment camp for troubled kids where parents pay $50,000 for a real man to get their kids on the right track..I am that real man, Captain Doug Kennedy... On the outside anyway... Once you get inside of “Driftwood”it gets a little twisted. This is a supernatural thriller also starring Ricky Ullman (as David) from Disney's hit show, “Phil of the Future”, and reality show star Talan Torriero (as Yates) known for his appearances on “MTV's Laguna Beach”and is a member of Paris's Pack... Paris  Hilton that is... As a matter of fact, he's all over the papers right now since he just got engaged to Rod Stewart's daughter... Oh THAT TALAN...congrats to you and Kimberly Stewart both bro.  My second accomplice in this film is David Eigenberg (Norris) who played Steve in Sex In the City. David's parents are played by the legendary Lin Shaye and Mark McClure. You'll remember Mark as Jimmy Olsen from the Superman movies with Christopher Reeves. We shot this movie in 15 days...it was fast, furious, and brutal... It kicked my ass... but the dailies look great so hopefully you'll get to see it in theaters in the next year or so.

I don't want to forget the lovely Baelyn, who plays my daughter in “Driftwood”. She was wearing her grandmother's antique diamond ring with beautiful diamonds all around the band and a flawless one and a half carat diamond right in the center. Unfortunately, she lost the center stone during shooting. As we were getting ready to film our scene, I could tell her attitude wasn't where it needed to be. After a little bit of "Positively Page" she was ready to work. About 2 hours into our scene, I turned and sat in another chair. I saw a flicker in the four inch tall grass. I thought, nah...couldn't be. I reached down anyway and pulled out... You get it... Her grandmas diamond. Talk about finding a needle in a haystack. I picked it up in shock and cavalierly walked over and asked her, "Is this what you were missing?" She was a beacon the rest of the day. Check this picture out of me and Baelyn with the Diamond in the Diamond Cutter... Bang!
Speaking of movies, the Devil's Rejects DVD is out on sale. Feel free to get one signed at any of my book signings, so long as you have a YRG “Yoga for Regular Guys”book for me to sign in your other hand.

As for YRG (Yoga for Regular Guys), the book officially drops on December 4th and I will be doing a ton of media to support the book in the New York area. The www.DiamondDallasPage.com website is the best place to keep track of where I'll be or where I am headed to. My official spokesperson, Larry "Smokey" Genta has lost 53 pounds to date. Smokey is to YRG what Jared was to Subway... But our boy Smokey did the right way... He's in the best shape of his life thanks to YRG. YRG, CRG (Cooking for Regular Guys... I book we are both writing as we speak... It would be cooking meets “The Man Show”), and Living Life at 90% has changed his life. You will definitely want to go read his latest updated. Smokey is not just a spokesperson, he's also one of the greatest promoters that I know and has put together an unbelievable book signing in Ft. Myers, Florida. It’s funny because my publisher's Quirk publicity person has told me it would be impossible to go into Ft. Myers at this time of the year. Smokey went there and got me booked at Books-A-Million in Ft. Myers along with a ridiculous, rigorous promotion schedule that will run from 6 AM to midnight. The signing itself is from 6:00 to 8:00 PM on November 28th. The book is in stores right now, but the national promotion kicks in on December 4th. I'll also be in Sacramento, CA at the Border's on Douglas Blvd. at 3:00 PM on December 3rd. I want to personally thank my bro Barry Levine. If he hadn't hooked me up with Laurie, none of this would have happened. Not this book or me being in “Driftwood”. Barry has been my manager for some time now and he put me in front of Laurie Dolphin the woman who laid out the YRG concept in book form and Barry put in front of the director of “Driftwood”Tim Sullivan... In both situations he said to me bro I will get you in the door after that it is up to you... Thanks bro.

Even though I've been insanely busy, I found time to hook up with some of my best bros. Los Lonely Boys and Superman's dad himself John Schneider at a concert at the Hollywood Bowl. Of course, I had to head out for Halloween with Ang and a buddy of ours named Jana. I went as Toby Keith. The week before Jana got us invited to Heff’s ... Yeah the Playboy Mansion... Here a picture of one of the painted ladies... Yes she is only wearing PAINT... What a life...

Also, on December 4th, my bro RichInKC, the webmaster, and I are dropping a whole new Diamond Dallas Page website. If the current site is a Cadillac. The new site, will be a Mercedes 600. Rich has found a new way to make the photos and the videos so much cooler and easier to use. We've basically outgrown the current design and Rich and I have been working for months to come up with a new design that you will love.
Until next time... it's been your pleasure ... As well as mine...
Diamond Dallas Page
Diamond Dallas Page

Thursday, October 6, 2005


Hey Cutters...
I've got so many things going on that I haven't had time to write to you all for over a month now. In this email, I'll bring you up to date with stories about helping Hurricane Katrina victims, my latest movie Jack's Law, surfing in Costa Rica with my bro Murph the Surf, preparing for my next movie Driftwood, where's Smokey, Lee and Bo are at in YRG program, and being interviewed for the Wall Street Journal...yes, I said the Wall Street Journal.
Let's back up to when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. As we all know many of the survivors were sent all over the country to get a helping hand. To my surprise many of them ended up here in Los Angeles at a place called The Dream Center (http://www.dreamcenter.org). Like a lot of people, I felt helpless and was looking for a way to do something...

My memories of New Orleans are incredible. Some of you may remember that it was in the New Orleans Superdome in front of 33,000 people that I accepted an nWo t-shirt from Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. You could hear a pin drop as I put the shirt on and I hugged Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, apparently joining the nWo, but the roar of approval was deafening when I hit Scott Hall with the Diamond Cutter and then backdropped Kevin Nash over the ropes and through a table below. That was the first time I ever took off through the crowd and into a sea of people.
Needless to say, I have plenty of fond memories of New Orleans. A friend of mine, Jana, who I call sister Jana because Mother Theresa has already be taken... gave me a call and asked me if I wanted to go to the Los Angeles Dream Center to donate a bunch of stuffed animals she had gotten as a donation... She is always asking me to do things for kids... So I put together a whole batch of clothes to donate and went with her. When we got there, the response was incredible. I'd forgotten how important a friendly familiar face can be to people in desperate times. It really felt great. So great I'll be spending some more time there and taking some of the people there through my YRG program. My girl, Sister Jana, has already gotten the YRG (yoga) mats donated and she's looking for some heart monitors. So, if you feel like throwing in with a donation... Like a heart monitor email Jana directly at jana@itsallaboutthekids.org. And she will take care of the rest. While I was there, I joined other celebrities who were doing their part like Magic Johnson and Sugar Ray Leonard.

Next, I was off to Salt Lake city to begin filming Jack's Law, which stars Danny Trejo. Danny has done over 100 movies and always played the bad guy, the Mexican with the huge tattoo on his chest. Danny is a real life O.G. who, in his youth, spent time at San Quentin. Getting out of jail in his early 20s, he turned his life around and is a walking example of what everyone would love people to say about you. Of all the movie sets I've ever been on, Danny is by far the most beloved...it's really crazy. Everybody loves this guy. I've really gotten to know him and love him as well by spending so much time together of the last year and a half... It really crazy...I've worked on four of my last six films with Danny:The Devil's Rejects, Nice Guys, Snoop Dogg's Hood of Horror, and now Gil Madina's... Jack's Law. Jack's Law is Charlie's Bronson's Death Wish of the new millennium, and I can't think of a better guy to play the lead Bronson good guy than a really good guy who has been a bad guy in over 100 films, Danny Trejo.

I play a guy named Spider who is Danny's #1 adversary... What a piece of sh-t I am in this flick... We meet in prison, and I'm talking about the real Utah State Penitentiary. Gil actually got us access to shoot inside the prison...that was a trip.

After doing the first half of my shooting for Jack's Law, I took off for Costa Rica with my buddy Murph The Surf. I was headed to meet one of the coolest cats who lives in one of the sweetest cribs on the planet named Chuck Kelly. Chuck invited 23 of his bros for their yearly surf vacation. I guess this trip started with 6 guys and is now up to 23. 23 guys in three houses right next to each other on the beach that are located right on the point of Playa Negro, Costa Rica... A kick ass surf spot. You gotta see all the pictures to really appreciate it. The sunsets, the surfing, some kick ass waves, and I got to meet some really cool regular guys. I think it's the first time I hung around with a bunch of guys my own age since I was in high school.

Of course, I did my YRG workout before I hit the waves to make sure I was loose as a goose before I got my a$$ kicked by those overhead waves. When I started doing the YRG workout with Murph, before I knew it there were two more guys, then three, then four. By the end of the week I had 9 guys trying the YRG workout on the beach. The funniest thing about Murph the Surf is that he is truly Murphy's Law waiting to happen. The first day, at Chuck's house, he bit into a frozen protein bar and broke his front tooth off... Here's a pic of Murph putting the diamond cutter on me...check out the tooth.
Later on that same day, Murph went out to surf with some huge double overhead waves and had his board smash him in the ribs and totally f*ck them up. That was the first day and he was a mess... This guy had me laughing almost as much as Smokey does.

When I wasn't surfing, there are some great shots of me and some of the guys going on a canopy ride, where you hook up to a steel cable and glide 200 feet in the air above the jungle. Now this was a trip. I was hanging upside down doing the Diamond Cutter and it was a loooong way down. I want to thank Chuck who is one of the greatest hosts I've ever met since my Park City friends J.T. and Diana. They must be related somehow. From there, Murph and I went to San Jose, picked up Ang and headed to Jaco to end up a great trip.
From there I headed back to Salt Lake City to finish up Jack's Law where I met Bob Burke, who you may remember from countless movies, including Robocop. Bob played Danny's former cop partner. Who else is in this movie? Jason Mewes of Silent Bob fame, Noel G, and I got to do a scene with one of my childhood heroes, Antonio Fargas, better known as Huggy Bear of Starsky & Hutch. Still one of the coolest cats alive.

After I finished with the movie I headed up to Park City to see my original favorite hosts on the planet, J.T. and Diana. For lady Di's birthday and then, it was back to L.A.
The latest updates on Smokey and Bo will be up within the next week. Lee Marshall will also hit us with an update. Lee has already lost 40 pounds doing YRG... Damn Lee is almost caught up to Smokey...

Speaking of YRG, if you didn't get a chance to read the article, click here. There is a kick-a$$ article written by Arnie Cooper about "Yoga for Regular Guys". It filled up the top third of the back page of the Leisure section of the Wednesday October 5th edition Wall Street Journal. Arnie was a very cool writer who actually came by my condo in LA to see me over a month ago and interviewed me for over three hours. He not only interviewed me, but he did the 45 minute YRG workout with me. He let me know that he'd been doing yoga and was up for a test. I took him to the limit and he passed with flying colors. You can tell from the article that he loved the YRG workout and he gets it. That's the big thing...he really got the YRG concept. I want to thank Arnie personally because I never thought in my life that I would ever be quoted in the Wall Street Journal. The WSJ also quoted my man Smokey. Remember Smokey is to YRG what Jared was to Subway. But my bro Smokey is the real deal... A to Z... If you haven't caught any of his Project Smokey articles, you need to check the site and watch Smokey lose weight and become flexible right before you very eyes... Great job RichInKC on the way those pictures change right before your very eyes...
Speaking of websites, Rich is working on an all new DiamondDallasPage.com site which will be ready for the launch of my book YRG..."Yoga for Regular Guys", the best friggin workout on the planet. You can pre-order the book right now and save yourself $6 on Amazon.com now if you want. Just CLICK here to go right to it.
Until next time... it's been your pleasure ... As well as mine...
Diamond Dallas Page