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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Da Real DDP Wrestling Wednesday blog 2/17/10

It's Wrestling Wednesdays... Check out the KickASS DDP Tribute below by a very talented kid by the name of Smahgo... Every Diamond Cutter is right on the beat... Next Wednesday I'll be playing a really fun interview I did with the guys from Busted OPEN... It may be one of my favorite interviews EVER! Tomorrow I leave for the Texas Yoga Convention... I'll keep you posted! GO TO WWW.DaRealDDP.com to subscribe!


Val said...

Man, you look really tired in this blog. You already did in last day's but this time it's bad. Get yourself some rest before you harm yourself.

That video tribute is cool and well made. But what impressed me most is that it is not just a compilation of Diamond Cutters (not that there's anything wrong with that move, mind ya) but shows that you must have really worked your butt off learning a plethora of moves including top rope action and satellite head scissors. Whoa!

Makes me wish there was a DDP 3 disc DVD compilation to buy (wrestling not YRG :-P ).

Damn, I need to learn to do the Diamond Cutter in the ring.

Best wishes!


Your Life, Your Call!

Anonymous said...

Dallas -

Purist...Schmerist....DDP ! (anti-Christ - HAH!!) Yeah...you've got to 'fit in' to a certain extent..but what you have created and have to offer is a total package ! I know you know that...but an amount of 'acceptance' within certain circles I'm sure is a good thing, no matter where you are and what you do.

Great Vid...I agree with Val.

And you do look wasted tired..get some sleep....