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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dallas on TMZ

Just wanted to give you a little update on the latest news in the world of DDP:)
It's funny because I had this whole blog written earlier today but I forgot to hit the send button when I went to lunch with my buddy Marlin and his kids Tyler and Skyler. I'm glad I didn't send it yet because as we were about to walk into the restaurant I was stopped by one of the TMZ camera paparazzi.

Those guys are Everywhere in Hollywood... Ha! The guy said he'd scene some of the trailers to Carnie Wilson's show "Carnie Wilson Unstapled" and he asked me about the conflict between the two of us on the show... I told them that there really isn't any conflict with Carnie and I... She's just a little crazy but then again so am I... Ha! ... I'm sure most of you will back me up there:) They also asked why there wasn't any other Jewish wrestlers besides Goldberg and I told him that wasn't true... I told him Randy Savage and Raven were both Jewish and that my last name was Falkinburg and asked me if I was Jewish and I said no but if new all the hype that would have come with from being Jewish I would have done the 40 weeks myself... Ha! I'm sure you'll be able to catch the spot on TMZ either tonight of tomorrow January 14th...

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