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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Diamond Dallas Page on My FOX Boston

I flew to Boston to promote YRG for two straight days... I also got to spend some quality time with my cousin Joel and his daughter Nicole... As you can imagine Joel (finally) and Nicole are all over YRG:) Joel and I were up every morning at 4:30am (that part was brutal) to do morning promos on radio or Tv for YRG... Overall Boston showed me a lot of love thanks to my buddy Gene Lavanchy... I always say ... it's not about Who you know or Who knows you... its about WHO'S willing to SAY THEY KNOW YOU... And Gene did just that... he called some of his buddies in Boston area and got me some great Booking... You can watch my appearanc on Gene's Morning show ... where else... my new DDP BLOG:)... we did like 3 segments... I Gene and I go back to my days in Ft Myers... That's right over 20+ years ago... He actually still had spot he did of Diamond Dallas Page, the Diamond Dolls and my Tag Team Champions Bad Company... I totally for got about him filming me as the Original DDP... I blew my mind that he still had it and even more to watch it... This is Classic DDP footage that of course will be coming up on Da BLOG... Ha...

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