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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

DDPTv Wrasslin Wednesday episode 39 on my Match with Sting on Nitro!

Hey Guys here's the latest DDP Tv video blog.. Today I'll be talking about my match with Sting featured on the "Very Best of Nitro" I'll be giving you a little behind the scenes from the match and what lead up to what some are saying is without question one of if not my very best match...

It's back! Wrestling Weekly. In this episode, I go in depth on the behind the scenes of my 1999 match with Sting...(Available now on "WCW The Best of Nitro" of course) What happened and what wasn't supposed to happen. Find out why the great Michael Hayes laughed so hard he fell down to the ground. That, plus updates on YRG, it AIN'T your MaMa's yoga, and much more. Enjoy.

Tony Moser
"The Next Big Thing"


JSean said...

DDP, a great match loved watching it again. So glad I bought the best of wcw on dvd over here in the UK. I do have one question I don't know if you know or recall it? What's the story with stings boots? They dont match his attire they looked as if that where all taped up with wrist tape. Love to know the back story to that. BANG!

Anonymous said...

Great to see you back on DDPTV! Great videoblog today and hilarious cut-aways !