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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wrestling Wednesday Savage Page II Promo www.DaRealDDP.com

We're back with continuation of the Savage DDPage feud!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I , ve seen your yoga thing back then and i was like 18 and had problems with my l5 thats moving and the nerve gives me pain and seeing yrg ..... been doing it for a month ... wow for the flexibility but i still have pain ... i'll get back at you in a month but anyway ... b4 the page savage feud you were money.... i mean savage made you tough
but the croutches thing i'll always rememember but at this point evrybody everywhere was doing the diamond cutter and bang!!!!! in the streeets but those guys knew you had sumtin from your hard work i guess and exploited it for their own good cause in the strrrets we rocked the diamond cutter and thats probly why you won you had all of us and now... you may be the one who cures my back pain ... you're bigger than most of them and if i cure my back pain youre the best of all of them.... I have a movie business right now in quebec canada and if we do sumtin toguether oone day it would be great for me... youre a legend... those years were the best years of rasslin and u were on top... so just to meet you one day would be an honor to chat with you ... in the bad neighbourhodd of quebec we all done it till 2k ... feel... the ... BANG!!!