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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

An article with DDP about "Pizza Man"

Hey guys sorry for no Wrasslin Wednesdays this week but I just got my computer back... Apple said it would cost me 1200 bucks to fix it since I spilled a few drops of tea on my key board??? 1200 bucks I was like you're KIDDING RIGHT! They weren't!!!! So I went an picked it up... Called my buddy Steve Yu and told him what happened... He said why don't you try a total reset... He had me hold down the ctrl, option and shift key at the same time as it reboots... Guess What? PRESTO! Steve saved me 1200 buckeroos... Now it works perfect again... Hmmmmmmm Makes you wonder if Apple really does take a look at your computer after the warranty is up or they just see water was a problem... THAT WILL BE 1200 BUCKS... Apple is absolutely on my shit list for the time being!

Here's the interview about Pizza Man if your interested in my latest project.

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nice comment bro!