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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Da Real DDP Wrasslin Wednesday Tribute to Chris Kanyon by DDP

Since I couldn't make it to my buddies funeral because I couldn't get off work I wanted to pay a Tribute to the One and Only CHRIS KANYON here on my Da Real DDP blog!!! This Tribute would have been longer but You Tube only allows for 10 minute blogs... My brother YOU will be MISSED... He was a great guy who NEVER went out of his way to hurt anyone but he would go Way out of his way to Help... He Helped many of the Boys Live their Dreams! May God Bless YOU bro...


dinodave said...

Thanks DDP,
I always loved Chris's work in the ring, he'll be missed as all of the others that have left too early.


diana from fla said...

chris was one of a kind a sweetheart and a true getlemen. he will always have a spec ial place in my heart. love you chris and god speed