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Saturday, August 26, 2006


Hey Cutters...
First thing I want to do is send a HUGE birthday shout-out to my bro Smokey! Smokey is hitting the Big 50!! I've known Smoke for decades, since my days in the bar business. Last year, he told me that he wanted to make some big changes to his life and his health before he hit 50. I introduced him to YRG and he really took it to heart. He's to YRG what Jared is to Subway sandwiches. Smokey has definitely met and exceeded the goal he set for himself for his 50th birthday, and I couldn't be prouder of him. Happy Birthday, Smokey!!


I want you guys to know that I appreciate the concerned emails that I have received about me going on my trip to Iraq... To put your minds to ease I honestly feel it's not my time so don’t worry yourself about it... Like most of you I think this war SUCKS but I believe in our troops... I have been lucky enough to have lived a world full of dreams because of these men and women and the ones that have come before them and any time I get the chance I want to give back so they know they are not forgotten... And I know I can make a difference to just about everyone I meet on this trip because I am not just going to be spending 10 seconds with each one of them as they move down the line taking pictures with the World Championship Title ...

DDP with the Troops in Iraq

This time I am going to be able to spend some real quality time with the troops and share something that will help them out when times get really tough... YRG is a body and mind workout... It works your body because in a very short time you start to become more flexible ... you become stronger ... You not only feel a change in your body but it’s also helps to focus your mind... And it even teaches you to breathe like you did as child again which there are a shitload of benefits from... there are only two things we control in this world (think about it) the way we think... the way we react to a situation and the way  we breathe... Imagine just for a moment that you are being shot at (by real bullets) from numerous directions ... You heart pumping a mile a minute... Scared shitless... What do you do to fight that awful feeling how do you gain control... Well for starter you breathe deep and slow... It calms you ... It gives you focus... Think of the last BIG verbal FIGHT you had... How were you breathing ... Short and fast right... Like I said earlier how you breathe will dictate how you think... When you breathe short and Quick you just react... you don’t think before you speak or react... we are all guilty... When you can control you breathing it will help you control you mind and when you are getting shoot at from all directions this can be very beneficial... Yes I guarantee you if you learn how to control the way you breathe it absolutely will help you with the way you think... I hope to see as many of our troops participate as possible in YRG with DDP... Yoga in a war zone what a concept... I will be leaving on August 25th and be back in LA around the 6th... It’s going to be a great trip!
I received an email from Gayle Jones (aka Aunt Precious) whose son I met on my last trip to Iraq that I want to share. Gayle, I hope that's ok.
From: Aunt Precious
Date: August 26, 2006 7:29:58 AM PDT
To: Dallas Page
Subject: Re: DDP off to Iraq

As you know, I am the mother of two soldiers. One, Sgt. Jake Brice was deployed to Iraq on during one of your earlier trips to the region. When you were there before, you made a HUGE impact on the soldiers you met. They were impressed that, unlike many other famous people, you did not make an appearance in Kuwait, do a virtual wave to the forward-deployed soldiers, and head back home thinking you really made a difference. No - instead you went from FOB to FOB (Forward Operations Base). You went where the ground troops were - where they were STILL engaging the enemy, dodging IEDs, RPGs and small arms fire. You were in the Sunni triangle, which is where all the stuff happens that we hear about on TV.
Many soldiers, my sons included, grew up watching you on WWF/WWE/WCW, and considered your presence to be a big BIG deal! You portrayed a tough guy in sports entertainment, but then you showed in a real tangible way that you ARE a tough guy, with a soft heart for our soldiers.
I will be praying for you during this next journey, and I am sure God has a ton of work left for you to do on this earth, so I look forward to seeing you back in St. Louis in January of '07. But in the meantime, I applaud and thank you for again putting yourself in harms way to raise the morale of our Soldiers and Marines stationed in Iraq.
I am glad I had the chance to meet you face to face to tell you how much your visit meant to my son and the other soldiers last time. Thanks for not making it a one-time shot. Thanks for not forgetting that other sons and daughters, moms and dads, are still serving, and dying for our right to be free!
God Bless you, DDP!
Gayle M. Jones
Army Mom of 2!
Gayle "Aunt Precious" Jones

On an other note I got to do the the Adam Carolla radio show last week... The entire crew were great ... I brought Angella for the Yogababe affect which worked like a dream... I have to say I was really blown away because Adam's whole crew was actually into it... I even got Tad or Fat Tad as they call him to start YRG... Tad is a really cool guy and I hope he can stick to the YRG program and he takes control so that he can “Owns his Life”... Tad would really inspire soooooo many people... I put his first start up pictures like Smokey did so you can see where is starting from... He’s supposed to start YRG next week I will keep you posted in the weeks to come... If you want to see the pictures clink here www.diamonddallaspage.com or if you would like to listen to the program go to my site and listen to the show www.diamonddallaspage.com... I think it is the best one I have done on YRG and had a really fun time so far... They actually like it so much the replayed it again later that week...

DDP with Adam Carolla

Also on the front page of my site is an other great story in New Jersey Monthly about YRG www.njmonthly.com/issues/june06/ddp.html as well as a story on 49er Tony Parrish's yoga workout routine that appeared on the cove of SI ... It is a very impressive article of the benefits of Yoga... Imagine if he was doing YRG... That would take him to the next planet... But I find it amusing how many athletes are coming out of the closet about doing any form of yoga...

What else I got a chance to see Los Lonely Boys this week again and I’ll tell you they just keep getting better and better ... It was a pleasant surprise to see my buddy John Schiender (JRS) and his beautiful wife Elly... The LLB were
fantastic I’ve got some great shots for them on this site www.diamondallaspage.com

Angella, John Schneider, DDP and John's beautiful wife Elly

These guys can do it all...

Los Lonely Boys live on stage in Los Angeles

Last weekend I also went to the set of Collier & Co.  the movie... They did a dangerous 120 jump across a creek... JRS asked me to come by for some moral support... The jump as it turned out was a success keep an eye out for Collier & Co.  coming to theaters in 2007...

That’s all for now I am rushing to the airport as finish this email up... The pictures won’t be posted on the site for a couple of days but you can listen to the Carolla show and read the articles now... Till next time its been your pleasure... As well as mine.
Have a Great day!
Be Unstoppable...?
& Live Life @ 90%
D. Dallas Page

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