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Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Hey Cutters...
I just got back from my trip to Atlanta and Tampa... first stop was Atlanta where, on Wednesday, we trained the Georgia Tech football team and we had a packed house... To read the article that was on the front page of the Atlanta Constitution Journal Sports section just click here.
It pretty much says it all. The following Friday, two of the Georgia Tech's former stars who are now playing pro ball stopped by. They were Kansas City Chiefs Linebacker Keyaron Fox and New York Giants DB James Butler. They hooked back up with the Yoga-doc and I for an even more intense YRG workout. They also brought some of there other bros, Seahawks RB Jimmy Dixon, Giants Linebacker Gerris Wilkinson, and Detroit Lions Tight End Darius Williams. These guys busted their asses and and took their YRG workout to another level.

The following morning I hit my favorite breakfast place on the planet, Cracker Barrel, where I met two young baseball players...Ryan and Patrick who grew up watching DDP and the WCW. By the time we were done with our conversation they were ready to take the baseball game to another level. Their dad Scott was all over the YRG program and wanted to do it with his boys. He thought it would not only would help his boys increase their strength and flexibility but it would be a great way to bond with his boys and he's right.

Later that night we celebrated Yoga-doc's 40 birthday bash... what a blow out party that was... I never got any pictures from the Yoga-doc so you're going to have to take my word for it. Raven was was at the party with his new girl and so was Kanyon... Kanyon watched our new YRG DvD and decide he was in... Kanyon came by the next day and did a YRG workout with the Yoga-doc and I and he loved it... he said it was the heart monitor that sold him.
He couldn't believe that he could get his heart rate up to 135 simply standing still while just moving his arms while engaging you muscles as you move with resistance.

The next day I was off to Tampa to see my buddy Derrick Brooks and a couple of other Tampa Bay Bucs to get their YRG on. Brooks picked me up at the airport and took us right to the Bucs training center where I met their new stud nose guard Chris Hovan.
It was great to get the total body workout with both of these incredible athletes... what do they say when you work with top talent it helps take you to the next level... and it did...
Then following morning Brooks and I were up at 6am and on our way to be on the radio with Cledus T. Party Morning Show with bro Chad Brock (who I used to wrestle with me), Steve Austin and Rita Ciccarello on 99.5 WQYK -Tampa Bay's #1 Country Station. We had a great interview about Brooks, Chris and I doing the workout. The guys were good enough to send us the interview on MP3. Click here to check it out.
Cledus T. and Chad said they really wanted to start doing the YRG Workout. The positive side is that Cledus has already lost 70 lbs and Chad has lost 55 lbs so they're not looking to lose much more weight. It's more about flexibility and strength now. We'll see if they really do it or not. You know I'll keep you posted.

After the interview, we were back at the Tampa Bay Bucs training facility. This time we were doing YRG with Alex Smith the 6'6'' 270 tight end. What a stud and a work horse was! We were also joined by my twin bother from an other mother Joe Gomez who is 6'1'' 260 lbs. I used to wrestler with him and he is getting ready to make a comeback and a new rookie Dan Rodimer who is 6'6'' 278 lbs with Deep South Wrestling. I put all these guys heights and weights down because I want you to realize the size of these Regular Guys who pretty much wouldn't be caught dead doing yoga. Now they're doing YRG and loving it. The sun was blasting and we worked our asses off... here is a shot of of the boys doing Diamond Cutter Lunges - Alex ... Joe ... Derrick and me...DDP.

and Catcher Position... Alex ... Dan ... Derrick and DDP

Don't forget, Regular Guys and Gals, we start the YRG with DDP World Tour this week at The MECCA...Golds Gym in Venice, California... tomorrow, July 26th... If you are in Los Angeles on Wednesday morning turn on channel 5 KTLA and look for the segments with my girl Gail Anderson... We will be doing segments for YRG with Gail from 6:45 am till 8:45 am... and then later that same night there will be YogaBabes galore and sh*tload of Regular Guys doing YRG with DDP at the Mecca ... Good Gawd! That's right the nights of Wednesday the 26th and Thursday the 27th at 6:30 pm and Friday the 28th at 5:30 pm we will be doing YRG live at GOLD'S GYM in Venice, 360 Hampton Dr. Venice Ca 90201 Phone# (310) 392-6004. Check out their site at www.goldsgym.com/.
NOT A MEMBER? DON'T WORRY ... I'VE GOT YOU COVERED... just tell them at the door that DDP sent you... So if you want a hell of a workout... get there early because you know the spaces are going to go fast and I'll be bringing my A game to The Mecca... but I will also show you how you can make this YRG Workout your own, so that you can workout at your own pace... It's all good ... it will only be as hard as you want it to be... It's going to be a Kick Ass Good time... There will be other dates in the Los Angles area set up to do the YRG Workout Live but we want to get the The MECCA under our belt first.

On Saturday July 29th at 1 pm I will be at the Grove in Hollywood at Barnes and Noble doing a Yoga for Regular Guys book signing... Even though we have the DVDs out, the YRG book is still the bible of the workout... To really grab the quickest understanding of getting the most out of your YRG workout you really should read the book and I would appreciate any of my friends in the LA area coming out and supporting this signing it's going to be my last one and I would like to go out with a BANG!!! After the signing were heading over to the Whisper at the Grove to have a few cocktails ... I hope you can make it!!
Btw... Do think their were enough Diamond Cutter pictures in this email... Your damn right I did... You won't believe WHO I'LL BE DOING THE DIAMOND CUTTER WITH IN NEXT WEEKS EMAIL... hint... Bow wow...
Have a Great day! Be Unstoppable... Do YRG?& Live Life @ 90%
D. Dallas Page

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