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Saturday, December 17, 2011

DDPYoga and wrestling stories with Chris Jericho

Hey Guys

I want to Wish you all the Happiest and Healthiest of Holidays!

I also want to Thank Robert, Marlon, Steve, Dylan, Tony, Kim, Alan, Bambi, Yogadoc, Jen, Di, Sparky, Motown, Terri, Randall, Arthur, Doug, Stacey, Ray and all of my member of Team DDPYOGA for bringing this year to a Strong Finish! DDPRadio.com is doing great and we just launched our very best DDPYoga site:) If you haven't seen the site yet please go by and check it out.

What's up in News
Chris Jericho recently stopped by for a DDPYoga workout and G Free Breakfast with me (featured in the video below).. After breakfast we shared a few great stories about the late Great Eddie Guerrero.. even after three takes the story (Moser on camera) was still great! Ha!

Chris also made an appearance on my radio show, DDPRadio.com this week... To listen to that interview, just click here!

Be safe and again have a Great Holiday:)


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