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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

DDP Tv episode 14 Wrasslin Wednesdays DDP loses World Tv Title to Johnny B BADD Let Da Feud Begin!

This is my first match with Marc Mero aka Johhny B BaDD for the World TV Title!


mightythor said...

Found my way here by researching YRG. I think it may be a good fit for a 40 year old lug heavyweight like me whose body needs a break from 25+ years of banging the weights hard and heavy with 10+ of the Marines squeezed in there as well. It is great to be able to re-live these matches with your insider perspective. Thanks for all the years of getting banged up for our entertainment and all the great things you are doing now afterward.

DDP said...

Hey bro make sure you go join Team YRG on my DDP site... I wanna hear how you progress with YRG as you move forward... Make sure you take the 6 YRG pictures the really are the best motivation you will get along with just being apart of Team YRG