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Monday, August 16, 2010

I went to Summer Slam today

Went by Summer Slam today to see the boys... While I was there I got to spend some real Quality to time with Cody Rhodes, Randy Orton and the Big Show... I also ran into the new Diva Champion Melina who as it turns was Huge DDP fan growing up... it was very cute:) Here are some fun pics... I missed taking one with Cody I'll get him next time... but heres a Great one with RKO doing the Diamond Cutter sign... and for anyone wondering I AM HONORED Randy does his version (RKO) or OUR finish... I had to take a pic with the Big Show in his Bus... YES he has his own BUS... all the miles that he and I went up and down the roads... Damn I wish we had a bus back then... Show also showed me a sneak preview of his new movie "Knuckle Head"... I think he did and OUTSTANDING job in this wonderful family movie! Btw I forgot how COLD Show likes his rooms... it was like a meat locker on that bus... I had a SNUGGY yes I had a Snuggy and a blanket and I was still cold while I watched the movie... but very happy to have spent the time with my one of my closest friends:)

Here's a video of me doing a 6 minute plank... if you're doing YRG you may find this semi entertaining:)


Sean Lewandowski said...

*Melina not Melinda lol

DDP said...

Thanks bro... Ha

Thrillhouse said...

Epic picture of you and Orton. The meeting of the Cutters. It's as if the universe has split in two.

DC said...

Nice job bro. Good stuff!

Stacey said...

Now THAT's traveling in style.

And about that extended plank...WOW! If someone stuck you with a pin, would you bleed? I seriously think it's all iron in there.