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Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Hey Cutters...
First of all, I would like to wish everybody a Healthy and Happy New Year. I want to thank everyone who sent Christmas cards and get well wishes to Lex Luger, there were a lot of you who really came through for Lex and I know he really appreciates your support. Here is the address in case you missed it last time would let to send Lex your best:
Lex Luger
c/o Aaron Chiropractic Center
2000 Powers Ferry Road, Suite I - 10
Marietta GA 30067

So what is new for 2008 for DDP? Well the YRG Workout website went through it's own transformation...and believe me this blows the other YRG site away. For starters, it's interactive. You can comment on Blogs and Forums, get support, join the YRG Chat room and even ask me... DDP... any questions you may have...about YRG, I won't be answering whether wrestling is fake or not, Hah! On the opening page you will see the most inspirational video on the planet... I know that's a BOLD STATEMENT ... but trust me, I can back it UP... Just go check it out and leave a comment in the blog section on the NEW www.YRGWorkout.com website and while your there Join Team YRG.
Now any of you on the West Coast that want to get rid of some of those extra Holiday pounds, make sure to join me at Equinox in Santa Monica, CA on Monday nights at 7:15PM. I am also at the Playa Vista Sports Park at 10:00 AM on Saturdays and 11:00 AM on Sundays. Click here for more info.
Just to remind you I will be in Afghanistan from Jan 19th through the 28th with Greg Valentine, Jimmy Hart, and Nikolai Volkoff. While there, I will be speaking to the troops about my inspirational concept of Living Life at 90% and taking each base through the YRG Workout. So if you know anyone over there, let them know we are coming.

On a Final note, I got to go to the Rose Bowl this year. My good friends Chris and Jim Click invited me and Marlon and we had a blast... We met a lot of really great people at the before party and the Clicks are two of the most gracious and generous guys I've ever met. We got there early for a killer buffet... cocktails and poker... I haven't played poker in years... I had forgotten how much fun it is especially when you win... Ha! My buddies team on the other hand didn't win... but boy were those USC fans were happy... I wasn't really concerned who won I was there to enjoy the spectacle since I've never been to one. To see more picture go to the site...

Make this a great holiday!!
Get Healthy... Stay Strong... Be Unstoppable and Do your YRG or else!
D. Dallas Page

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