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Saturday, December 6, 2008


Hey Guys

In my last email , I talked about the movie "The Wrestler". I also talked about how I did a round table with Lex, Piper, Beefcake and Hammer for the DVD . Well , if you wanna actually see the that round table discussion, just go to the bottom of this email and click on the link . Also, if you haven't heard , Micky Rourke won the Best Actor Golden Globe last week for his killer performance. The film opens nationally this Friday on January 23rd so check it out. I would love to hear what you guys think about it.

Click here to watch the round table discussion about The Wrestler

Ya know I'm often asked who inspires me, DDP, the guy who Lives Life at 90% . Well I would have to say Arthur Boorman would have to be at the top of that list.. Watching Arthur accomplishments over this last year and a half is pretty damn Powerful. The next person on my list would be Lex Luger. The people who inspire me are the people who lead by example. 14 months ago Lex was a quadriplegic. The only part of his body he could move from his neck down was his right pinky. While everyone around him was in a panic, Lex remained calm . His faith in a God is unshakable, and I believe it is the main reason he was strong that fateful day and continues to get stronger as the days go by. It's that inner strength he has that inspires me. He doesn't just talk the talk.. Lex Walks the Talk. Over the last 14 months , Lex and I have become closer than we we've ever been.. But it wasn't always like that. As a matter of fact , I think its safe to say that Lex thought I was a bit of a joke when I first got in to the WCW back 1990 , but to be honest he wasn't alone:) It actually took me years to earn enough of Lex Luger's respect before he would ask me to even ride on the road with him.
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Today , Lex Luger is one of one the most Amazing individuals I have the pleasure of spending quality time with.. He is a total inspiration to everyone around him.. To really appreciate that statement you have to know the old Lex.. Back the day Lex had it all. He was a Main Event guy from the day he started in our business. As a matter of fact, he was the first wrestler to ever get a multi year million dollar guaranteed contact. Toward the end of his career , he had the multi million dollar home on the 18th hole on one of Atlanta most prestigious country clubs. He was the first to have the tricked -out base -banging Suv and a slant - nose Porche , which was also tricked out to the max. He had real money in the bank, he owned plenty of real estate , and 2 state of the art gyms (Main Event Fitness). He had a beautiful wife and two great kids who he loved , and who he always made time for no matter how busy he was. He also had the best body in professional wrestling. I called him the Cyborg - It was like he wasn't even from our planet. Lex Luger truly was the "Total Package". He had it all and he knew it. To say he was a bit of prima donna would be an understatement. The WWE didn't give him the gimmick "The Narcissist " by accident. He worked hard and played harder which is really saying something. I could never understand how Lex could come off a 14 day road trip, wrestling all over the country, party just about every night, and still make his 6 am flight home. He'd head right to the Main Event gym, workout like a mad man.. Example... I once spotted him doing squats and I'm talking full squats where your butt hits the floor. He had 405 pounds on the bar and I never ever needed to spot him till he got to his last rep which was # 25... Ye s , I said 25 reps with 405 pound on the bar ! . That's one of the reasons I called him the Cyborg. After a workout like , that he would play 18 holes of golf and then catch hi s son ' s basketball practice and his little girl 's dance recital. At the time I had no idea how he did it. But that was then and this is now.

Today- It's as if God has stripped Lex of everything , including his perfect body , to rebuild Lex from the inside out. And by the way those are Lex's own words , not mine.
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Today's Lex's life is much simpler and grounded but he's still as busy as ever. In my follow up email, my buddy Marlon will be doing an interview with Lex about where he is in his life today. I promise you it will be an interview you will not want to miss. The last time I saw Lex was a week ago and we did what I am calling the embryonic stages of YRG. It's the third time we did YRG together, and it was mind blowing to me how much he improved from one session to the next. I remember Lex asking , "So what are we going to do , Dallie ?", and I just smiled and said , "To tell you truth , Lex , I don't know because I don't know what you can or can't do. Let's just play and see where we end up. " A friend of ours , Steve Yu , filmed the entire workout to track Lex's progress. I put a few shots up on the site. Talk about inspiration.

After hanging with Lex in Atlanta , I headed to Oklahoma City to speak to some of the troops for the second time in 2 weeks that were coming back home after 15 months from Iraq . This is the second time I made this trip to Oklahoma City in the past 2 week. I spoke to the troops about Living Life at 90%. . Both of these speaking engagements were set up by the Army as retreats for the soldiers and their families to help them reconnect with a positive attitude . The response from the first talk was so positive that they brought me back this Saturday to talk to about 30 of the single soldiers . After I finished my talk , I do a Q&A and then took them all through a YRG workout. I've got some of the pictures up on the site.

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By the way here's something out of the vault by buddy Eric Pankowski sent me... You wanna laugh... Check it out - Back about 10 years ago I did this bit with the cartoon network. Check it out. http://www.ffwd.com/videos/228425 You may get a kick out of it...
Lastly- This is your absolute last chance to get your first edition YRG dvds at www.YRGworkout.com . The present YRG site will be "closed for remodeling" in the next couple of weeks but we will be relaunching in March with the all new YRG Fitness System. I made all the new YRG workouts different so that you could interchange them with the originals ones.
The Wrestler (official site)
As Usual , it's been your pleasure as well as mine.
Happy New Year!
Now Get Healthy... Stay Strong... Be Unstoppable!
and Do your YRG or else!

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